Review – Bburago 1/18 Reventón

Note: The following post is from a while back before I repurposed this blog primarily to Gunpla and whatnot, yet it is still read quite a bit (thanks to Google, no doubt), so it is being kept posted here.

Non-Gunpla review moved here.


2 Responses to “Review – Bburago 1/18 Reventón”

  1. I bought a Mondo motors Reventon today in Kit form from Model Zone, and found it to be really good, the parts seem to fit quite well apart from the side skirts which could do with the lugs where you screw them on being a little thicker as they pop off very easily, and the doors which stick out too much at the top leaving a 0.75mm gap between the door and roof and when I tried to gently (and I mean gently) bend them in a bit the B pillar cracked so will have to glue it. apart from that this is a very good kit and looks great…… well will do when finished as I’m going to turn it into an unmarked police Hyper interceptor with some flashing L.E.Ds in the grilles and extra cop type bits inside eg radio, extra buttons and an automatic numberplate recognition system. will take some pics and send them to you when it’s done if you like.

  2. Matt,

    Sorry, I meant to reply to this sooner but have been really busy.

    Thanks for the info on the Mondo Motors version! Not sure if I’ll end up grabbing one… I’m still really interested in the MR version but it’s also still in the $500-600 range which is like… Quite a bit for me, haha. I’m hoping a resin kit or something of it will be released eventually so I could build it myself.

    Please post when you mod it into the police interceptor! I’d be very interested to see how it turns out! I assume you’ve seen the new Gallardo Police Car, right?

    Take care,

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