Review – Vaja classic Retro Slim Bag for Apple iPhone 3G

Note: The following post is from a while back before I repurposed this blog primarily to Gunpla and whatnot, yet it is still read quite a bit (thanks to Google, no doubt), so it is being kept posted here.

Non-Gunpla review moved here.


7 Responses to “Review – Vaja classic Retro Slim Bag for Apple iPhone 3G”

  1. Hey, thanks for the review. My main concern with this case is also difficulty in taking the phone out. Once the ‘break in’ period is over, how difficult is it to get the phone out? Still require two hands? Is the leather continuing to stretch out a bit?

  2. I’ve been using the case for a little less than a day and it is significantly easier. The phone goes in very easily 90% of the way but the last 10% is still difficult. I’ll keep you posted on the breaking-in situation as I use it more.

  3. I have a question. How bulky is the case? I know the leather is very high quality, and I wonder how thick this makes the case. Is it comfortable in your pocket?

  4. hi, great write up. Saw your site from the Macforums. I just got myself a 3GS not long ago. Thing is, and this is what I want to check with you, I’m currently using a INCIPIO FEATHER CASE (its super slim, doesnt add bulk to the iPhone)… do you think it would fit into the Retro if I left it on? Is there some space (even a tiny bit)?


    • d3xlabs,

      It would definitely NOT fit in the case. I originally had a clear protective skin on my entire 3G, and just that made getting the phone in and out EXTREMELY difficult. There’s enough room if you only have a screen protector on, but nothing else.

  5. thanks for the comments. Now, just debating on the colour. :)

  6. Thanks for the review :) I’ll keep your info in mind before I make a purchase.

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