Unicorn Gundam: The Gameplan

UnicornUnit1.jpg Banshee04.jpg

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
Unit 1 “UNICORN” and Unit 2 “BANSHEE”

I’ve had a Unicorn sitting around since this time, to the day actually, last year. Since my Sinanju is on its way I’ve decided it’s time to finish up this guy.

Basic plan for Unit 1:
– Mobility mods to the knees.
– Mod to shield to cover up exposed pink parts in Unicorn mode.
– Paint.
– The End.
Shazam. Paint will be the standard color scheme with metallics for the metal internal frame and the exposed pink bits will be colored more red, but aside from that it will look pretty standard.

As for Unit 2, when I started working on Unicorn I got the silly idea to instead make it Unit 2. Basically the only difference between the two other than color is that Banshee has a more intricate, more flamboyant, and more awesome horn. So while I work on my Unit 1, I’ll start working on the horn pieces in 3D. When I return to campus mid-January (or when I finish modeling the horns, whichever comes last), I’ll have the pieces 3D printed into like a 4 piece conversion kit.

This, aside from being flipping awesome, also serves as a sort of experimentation/dry run for my GN Flag. I’ve been working on the GN Flag since this summer by hand, but would like to 3D print a few pieces, and if I really get used to the 3D program I’m using (done 3D before, but working with a new piece of software), I might just go back and redo parts in 3D for higher quality.

But that’s for another time. Right now I’m focusing on power-modding this Unicorn to try to get it near-done prior to the Sinanju arriving.
Approach I’m using on the knees, modded on the left, unmodded on the right:

IMG_3973.jpg IMG_3971.jpg
IMG_3966.jpg IMG_3968.jpg

My apologies for the rough picture quality (or at least the white balance), I’m a fool and forgot my good camera at school so had to borrow this one and forgot about changing some of the settings.


The joint mod is inspired/based on the work of Erix93. The process (well, my process, not sure if this is how he did it) is, in a nutshell:
– Cut off the top corner of the white side-plate.
– Cut off parts and shave innards of the grey plate underneath it.
– Cut a piece of plaplate in the same shape as the white part that was removed.
– Attach plaplate to the knee joint by drilling a metal rod through it.
– Cover up drilled hole with another piece of plaplate that makes the new white piece resemble the old one even more (yet to do this part).

I think the overall result is a pretty nice balance between maintaining the original appearance and increasing mobility.


Just playing around with the new poseability… I had to rig up a new stand to attach to the back from the Action Base’s default parts since I felt like the original stand’s placement hindered the position of the legs a bit too much.
Anyhow, that’s the current progress. Right now I’m just gunning through and doing the aforementioned mods to all four places they need to be applied. Quite possibly more great justice tomorrow.


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