Unicorn Gundam: The Gatlings


I gatling’d.
Two of these were tragically sent away today… Doesn’t change the fact that my Unicorn can still quadra-wield though!


6 Responses to “Unicorn Gundam: The Gatlings”

  1. wow you buy four novel book? Gosh, its hard to find any where selling it.

  2. Hey I read one of your posts and it said that you have a couple of these left. I am interested in getting two and would REALLY appreciate it if you would sell them to me and I’m from Australia if that would pose a problem since you said you wouldn’t be doing any overseas posting.

  3. Ryatwo,
    Sorry, I’ve sold all of them except the ones I’m keeoing I’m afraid… Best of luck finding a set though!

  4. Really?

    Damn, cause one of my friends on a forum said that you were like ‘stiffed’ on buying the gatlings previously so he said to check if you had some left over. How many did you sell anyway?

    And is there any chance of you selling yours for a REALLY high price? I guess not, huh?

    Just another question, do you know who might be selling or where to buy any of these cause as you know I’ve been trying to find these for a REALLY long time.

  5. Ryatwo,

    Yeah… However by “stiffed” I meant that I decided to have faith in humanity and send them before receiving payment, and that was the last I ever heard from him…

    Since I kept two sets of gatlings for myself, I’m going to hang on to both of them, sorry! If I decide to unload one of them I’ll definitely shoot you an email though. Good luck on finding a set!

    To maybe help you, here’s a link to a search of Unicorn Gundam:

    Maybe take a look there and then you could bid with an auction service like Abidko or Rinkya.

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