Gundam 00 Episode 13: Battle for Momento Mori

So I managed to watch this whole episode live (as opposed to last week when I caught the last ten minutes…), and didn’t have a lot to do, so here we are. Got a summary for ya an hour after the episode aired.

Dunno if I’ll make this a recurring thing. Time will tell.


ep13ss01.jpg ep13ss02.jpg ep13ss03.jpg ep13ss04.jpg

The episode picks up where episode 12 ending, which is the Memento Mori firing upon Kataron’s fleet. However, since the party was just simply not grand enough, we also have Hilling Care firing and taking out ships in a Gadessa. Random thought about this is that the Gadessa is obviously no longer a unique unit nor custom to Revive Revival. I’m thinking we’ll see a few more Gadessas and Garazzos, but that it will remain an Innovator-exclusive unit.

ep13ss05.jpg ep13ss06.jpg ep13ss07.jpg ep13ss08.jpg ep13ss09.jpg ep13ss10.jpg ep13ss12.jpg ep13ss13.jpg

As Aheads and GN-XIIIs charge the fleet, they send out non-GN Drive units. An Ahead swoops right by the bridge of the commander’s ship, and JUST as it’s about to fire and destroy the bridge, a beam comes out of nowhere and destroys it.



Hilling gets all excited about the 00 Raiser showing up as it takes down various units. Lindt is in a ship nearby overseeing the recharge time and whatnot of Memento Mori.

ep13ss15.jpg ep13ss16.jpg ep13ss17.jpg ep13ss18.jpg ep13ss19.jpgep13ss21.jpg ep13ss20.jpg ep13ss22.jpg

Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long converse briefly about Ribbons.  Wang Liu Mei appears to be fully content with Celestial Being getting destroyed.  Nena Trinity listens in on it and gets all worked up and heads off in her ship, saying that she won’t let Wang have things her way (basically this is carried over from the previous episode, since Nena isn’t so fond of the Innovators since they are responsible for her brothers deaths).

“An agent,” which they conclude is Wang Liu Mei, sends Celestial Being data on the construction of Memento Mori. The most crucial part of the data is that to destroy the weapon they have to break through and destroy the core of it.  It is later revealed that Nena was the one who sent the information.

Meanwhile in the Ptolemy, Soma/Marie tells Saji about knowing Louise and that she was a mobile suit pilot.

ep13ss23.jpg ep13ss24.jpg ep13ss25.jpg ep13ss26.jpg ep13ss27.jpg

The Ptolemy gets battle-ready and starts charging down the orbital ring. Meanwhile, Hilling and Setsuna start going at it.As the Ptolemy charges down the ring they know the path in which they can’t get hit by Memento Mori (thanks to Wang Liu Mei), and are trying to stay within it as the A-Laws forces attempt to knock them out of it. The Ptolemy gets hit out of the safe zone and Memento Mori fires. The beam is shown on a direct course with the ship, and when the beam clears , there is nothing to be seen.

ep13ss28.jpg ep13ss29.jpg ep13ss30.jpg ep13ss31.jpg ep13ss32.jpg ep13ss33.jpg ep13ss34.jpg ep13ss35.jpg

A Trans-Am Ptolemy flies out from the distance, courtesy of Arios.

The ship continues its approach, opening the front hatch where Seravee and Cherudim are stationed, who begin firing.

The 00 Raiser manages to destroy the Gadessa’s cannon.

ep13ss36.jpg ep13ss37.jpg ep13ss38.jpg ep13ss39.jpg ep13ss40.jpg ep13ss41.jpg ep13ss42.jpg ep13ss43.jpg ep13ss44.jpg

Cherudim goes Trans-Am and launches its GN Shield Bits (FINALLY!) which start to aid in the defense of the Ptolemy. As the ship continues charging, the Shield Bits are getting destroyed, and Arios’s Trans-Am time limit is running out. As the Trans-Am ends, Seravee goes Trans-Am and shoots a PREPOSTEROUSLY LARGE BALL OF ENERGY at the Memento Mori. This melts through a generous part of the armor but not to the core.

Lockon, with Cherudim still in Trans-Am, steadies his sniper rifle on Seravee’s back. The Cherudim uses its targeting sensor and fires through the partially melted armor of the weapon and into the core of Memento Mori. This causes the installation to explode. A fragment flies off of Memento Mori and crashes into Lindt’s ship, destroying it.

Side note is that prior to him firing, it went through several people calling Lockon’s name. Sumeragi and Anew referred to him as “Lockon,” Feldt called him “Lyle,” and Tieria belted out the full “LOCKON STRATOS!”

ep13ss45.jpg ep13ss46.jpg ep13ss47.jpg ep13ss48.jpg ep13ss49.jpg ep13ss50.jpg ep13ss51.jpg ep13ss52.jpg ep13ss53.jpg

Meanwhile the Gadessa and 00 Raiser are still fighting. Red beams start pelting the Gadessa, distracting it long enough to let Setsuna cut off an arm and retreat. It is shown that the beams were coming from Nena’s Mobile Armor.

After the credits it shows two scenes, one of Marina and the Kataron group looking at the destruction of Memento Mori, which the children originally think to be shooting stars. It then shows Sergei observing the results of the battle as well. A man, who Sergei addresses as Hercules, enters the room and greets him, saying “It’s been awhile, Wild Bear of Russia.”

ep13ss55.jpg ep13ss56.jpg ep13ss57.jpg ep13ss58.jpg ep13ss59.jpg ep13ss60.jpg

All images courtesy of 2chan.


2 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 13: Battle for Momento Mori”

  1. wat is the last gundam of setsuna

    • The last gundam Setsuna uses is the Gundam Exia R2. The R2 is almost identical to the original Gundam Exia, with one small difference: it’s physical sword is stronger, with a green edge.

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