Sinanju: Buildup Part 3: Arms

The building continues…

Sinanju13.jpg Sinanju14.jpg Sinanju15.jpg Sinanju16.jpg

I found the seam separation on the shoulder to be rather interesting on the sides, and rather awesome in the middle. The design of the shoulder is altogether awesome though.


Hydraulics on the arm. These are in other MGs as of late, but it’s the first time I’ve built one of them, and hot damn they’re nicely done.

Sinanju18.jpg Sinanju19.jpg

The hands are things of glory. I’m a firm believe that no flexible hands can ever look better than posable ones, and this is still true. That said though, these are the nicest posable hands I’ve come across.

Sinanju20.jpg Sinanju21.jpg

The arm can essentially do a full 180 degrees of movement. Also, the red part pops out (mainly for the beam saber hax that I’ll get to once I get to the weapons).

Sinanju22.jpg Sinanju23.jpg

Another shot of the nice hands and the completed arm. I really can’t emphasize how much I’m loving building this kit. The design, detail, and engineering is simply fantastic.

Sinanju24.jpg Sinanju25.jpg

Also, a bit of a correction is needed. I discovered I DID assemble the top chest piece incorrectly. As you can see, it now fits together far better.

I’m afraid that’s all for tonight. If time is on my side, I’ll be able to finish this guy, or at least get most of the way there, tomorrow night.


One Response to “Sinanju: Buildup Part 3: Arms”

  1. Having fun reading on the Sinanju. Though, doing so is making me wish mine would get here faster. Really looking forward to adding this kit to my collection, it really looks amazing.

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