Sinanju: Buildup Part 4: Head Revisited

Going through the head buildup for someone over at HF…


Here’s all of the parts seperated… Here we go!

Notice my bandaged up thumbs from cutting BOTH of them while building yesterday.  I’m totally coordinated.  ><

Sinanju27.jpg Sinanju28.jpg Sinanju29.jpg Sinanju30.jpg

Showing some detail on the eye turning mechanism. It’s just a simple gear system.

Sinanju31.jpg Sinanju32.jpg Sinanju33.jpg Sinanju34.jpg

1. Putting on the red face mask.
2. Putting on the two side pieces.
3. Attaching the grey piece with the chin and side cables.
4. Attaching both the top of the head and the crest.

Now off I go to work on the legs!


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