Sinanju: Pregaming



One of these babies is going to a friend of mine, but the other one is about to get slapped together. Omnomnom…


Here’s a scan of the hot lineart (less preposterously hi-res scan here). I’m throwing this up here for someone to hopefully use some l33t photoshop skills to make a nice wall or something.

But enough talk. I’m off to build. A review on the kit and more pics is forthcoming!


2 Responses to “Sinanju: Pregaming”

  1. 2 of them! Those were worth a pretty penny for sure!

  2. A bit more than certain people who have the luxury of living somewhere where you can buy them at a shop, haha.

    But I say for the speed and the model itself I ended up getting a pretty good deal. I just wish the conversion rate was a bit better these days…

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