Sinanju: Buildup Part 5: Legs

Alrighty, I recovered from New Years Eve to start working on the Sinanju again.

Sinanju36.jpg Sinanju37.jpg

On a massive beast like the Sinanju, there’s a horrific amount of parts… But what I really liked was the simplification of some parts on the leg. The section pictured up there, which is the majority of the leg frame, is made of only 7 parts, which is especially impressive given the complexity of the knee armor mechanism.

Sinanju38.jpg Sinanju39.jpg

Putting together the rest of the leg frame gets you this. I just wanted to take a quick shot to show off the various mechanisms they worked in here.


At this point I decided to stop following the order of the instructions for a moment and put together the rest of the frame because I really wanted to get this guy standing. So here’s the Sinanju sans pants.

Sinanju41.jpg Sinanju42.jpg


The crazy-ass articulation, especially on the foot, is slightly limited by the armor, but the legs are still plenty dynamic. Due to the hinge on the leg’s side boosters, they can move up and out from the legs quite a bit.


And he stands! With pants!


Some nitpicks… The assembly of the bottom cables on the waist is a bit finicky. Basically, its a spring with a plastic piece on both ends, but the smaller plastic piece that attaches to the front on the left was rather loose for me… To the point that when I adjusted the skirt armor later (the spring attaches to the front and back skirt armor), the spring just popped off and those tiny plastic pieces went flying everywhere.

Finding them all was a fun time…

Sinanju46.jpg Sinanju47.jpg

I just took a few more pictures of the chest… Just the way everything fits together is beautiful. Katoki’s design work is simply beautiful, isn’t it?

Sinanju48.jpg Sinanju49.jpg



Because I haven’t built the weapons or anything, Sinanju had to borrow a sword from my Crossbone Full Cloth.

So we’re almost done with the buildup before I can start painting up this guy… He looks a little bit plain without the gold, doesn’t he? Don’t worry my sweet Sinanju… In time all will be well…

Methinks I’ll shoot to get the last section of this review up tomorrow night. See you then!


One Response to “Sinanju: Buildup Part 5: Legs”

  1. Actually, I liked the simplicity of the leg frame myself as well. Makes it a lot of fun to build while also being surprising in the the ingenuity behind the simple though well thought out design.

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