Sinanju: Buildup Part 6: Backpack and Weapons

Final piece of the buildup. I’ll have another post with some closing thoughts, but the building ends here.

Sinanju50.jpg Sinanju51.jpg

The extending booster mechanism in the backpack is actually rather simple. Which, as I mentioned, I’m a fan of. The more moving parts ya got, the easier it is for something to go wrong.

For a prime example of this, see the Unicorn MG.

Sinanju52.jpg Sinanju53.jpg

The completed backpack is rather nice. The design obviously shares the elegant feel with the rest of the Sinanju.

Sinanju54.jpg Sinanju55.jpg

The effect of the aforementioned extending mechanism on the fully built boosters.

Sinanju56.jpg Sinanju57.jpg

Shots of the completed backpack slapped onto the model. Nomnomnom.

Moving on to the weapons ‘n other fun stuff!

Sinanju58.jpg Sinanju59.jpg

I love the shield design. Obviously it looks infinitely better with some paint, but hey, we’ll get there in time. Plus it has a crazy amount of gimmickry ftw.

Sinanju60.jpg Sinanju61.jpg Sinanju62.jpg

Sudden shift in background to a carpet!

Anyways… The dual crazy-ass beam axe on the shield thing is one of the sickest things ever. The axes themselves slide up and down on a track to go from storage-on-shield mode to handheld mode. Both axes have a pivoting joint where they connect to the shield, and on the shield itself there is a pivoting joint as well, creating quite a few possibilities in terms of using them.

Sinanju63.jpg Sinanju64.jpg

The shield’s full payload that it can hold is the two axes, plus the grenade launcher for the rifle.

Sinanju65.jpg Sinanju66.jpg

As for the rifle itself, it has a badass looking double-scope deal.

Sinanju67.jpg Sinanju68.jpg Sinanju69.jpg Sinanju70.jpg Sinanju71.jpg

The various mechanisms of the rifle are amazing in both form and function. The various pieces that allow the grenade launcher to open and close while staying attached to the rifle are nothing short of perfection.


I came.

Anyhow, I’ll post some closing thoughts on this guy later tonight with some posing fun. It’s probably not too hard to guess that I loved this kit though. Can’t wait to have him painted up in his golden garb.


One Response to “Sinanju: Buildup Part 6: Backpack and Weapons”

  1. hi, I’m looking for a sinanju’s booster pack to custom build. if yours is still used? hehe, thank you

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