Sinanju: Buildup Part 7: Closing Thoughts




The Sinanju is a hell of a design and a hell of a model kit. Everything about this guy just reeks of quality. The gimmickery, the engineering of it all, the poseability, the seamlines… The list goes on. Perhaps it’s just because the last MG I built was about a year ago, but this model is just unparalleled as far as I’m concerned.


There are approximately one brazilian pages around the interweb that you can this model doing sick poses in, so I’m not going to dabble on and on with it… But it is fun as hell to pose it, and the model is solid as a rock. The above pose I tried out for fun, and is an homage to the Zeta archer kit that has been around for a long ass time.


So my closing thoughts?

This is an amazing kit, and I cannot wait to get him painted.


4 Responses to “Sinanju: Buildup Part 7: Closing Thoughts”

  1. sir, what’s the height of the Sinanju???

  2. @Bryan

    I’m afraid I don’t have the MG with me (it’s at home and I’m at college), but I’d say it’s about 9 inches. This site here might be helpful to you:

  3. I spent over 80 hours this summer on this kit. Still got a handful of things to paint and it’s done. I gotta say this kit is fantastic all round. The painting process was like a marathon. Did you ever get around to painting it?

    • Arg, no, I’ve been fairly behind on modeling. The best way to describe me is “ambitious but rubbish,” haha.

      I hope to finally get it painted this summer though.

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