Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order Interest

EDIT: We got enough interest for this and have proceeded with it. If you’re interested, please see this post.

Original Post:

As you may be aware, there’s going to be a limited edition Sinanju bazooka similar to the Unicorn’s gatlings.


The bazooka will be coming with Vol 8 of Gundam Unicorn, which is being released in April. Trying to a preemptive sort of state of mind, I’m putting this post out there for anyone interested in a group order. I’m in talks with a Japanese bookseller and an get a mass order going, here are the conditions:

– Each Bazooka is $25 shipped to the US. There is no discount for ordering multiple bazookas.
– You ONLY get the bazooka, no novels will be available in an effort to keep shipping down.
– The box the bazooka comes in will be wrapped in paper, sealed nicely, and shipped. This is in an effort to keep costs of packaging down. From having the Unicorn gatlings myself, the boxes of these things are REALLY strong. If I feel there is a danger of the bazooka being broken, I’ll ensure it gets packed in a safer material.
– You MUST be able to pay me prior to me placing the order. I am NOT going to put an order of a few hundred dollars worth of these in a hope that everyone will pay me (I’m especially leery since I may have just gotten stiffed on a set of my Unicorn gatlings).

Post a comment here if you are interested or any questions you might have. Righty now I’m checking whose interested and if we have enough people I might start looking for payments in a few weeks since I have to get these ordered early in order to have a large enough quantity.

This is currently a US ONLY deal. If you are interested and from another country, please post a comment and depending on the number I might try to accommodate you, but no promises.

SinanjuBazooka2.jpg SinanjuBazooka3.jpg

Pics from SRW Hotnews. Thanks for the interest!


13 Responses to “Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order Interest”

  1. Ed (thecomebacker) Says:

    Hi Alex, I am interested in 2 orders for the bazooka. Please contact me for payment with you are ready to order. Thanks for your efforts!


  2. Hehe put me up for one need to make my Sinanju even cooler :D.

  3. I’m interested, though i’m in Australia. I’m also still after the unicorn gatling if possible. Will be able to pay via paypal if that helps :)

  4. @Seishi
    I’ll look into shipping costs for you. I’m afraid I don’t have any more Unicorn Gatlings as I sold my two spares.

  5. Hmmm, thanks for that Knolly, too bad about the unicorn gundam gatling, but yes, thanks again :)

  6. I’d like two. Please email me when you are ready to place the order. Any idea how soon that will be?

  7. How about shipping to Canada? I’d like a pair…

  8. I’m interested in one, thanks in advance.

  9. hi, i’m interested in getting one of those bazooka
    how can i sent the money to your account? thanks..

  10. Hi, I’m interested in one of the Bazooka’s. Will you ship to the UK? Can I pay via Paypal? Thanks in advance

  11. yeah i am interested but i live in Australia if you can mail to aus mail me and i can pay, Can i pay via paypal

  12. nb007mkII Says:

    I’m in. Will PayPal the USD as soon as you’re ready.

  13. I’m in I need 3 bazokas (for my brother ) thanks for this great idea
    when the gatlings for unicorn came out I try to get them but I was unable to get my wish yet if anyone knows were I can buy them (my wish is to get 4 sets) I will be very grateful for any information I know is way to late just one last last try any information send my a email

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