Gundam 00 Episode 14: A Song is Heard



After destroying the Memento Mori, Saji marvels at Celestial Being. Marie detects three approaching units, which are revealed to be a new mobile armor piloted by Divine, a Garazzo piloted by Bring, and a Gadessa piloted by Revive (both mobile suits are equipped with the boosters that were on the Garazzo during its first sortie).

ep14ss02.jpg ep14ss03.jpg ep14ss04.jpg ep14ss05.jpg

The new OP is beautiful and has plenty of stuff going on in it.

ep14ss06.jpg ep14ss07.jpg ep14ss08.jpg ep14ss09.jpg

Just a few shots from the OP. Then there was…


THIS. I came so fucking hard. It’s no secret I’m a huge Flag fanboy so I saw this and emitted the following sound: “GAAHUDFUSDFSDJNSDLKJFBSDKLJFBSDJKFD.”\

ep14ss11.jpg ep14ss12.jpg ep14ss13.jpg ep14ss14.jpg

Setsuna arrives at the rendezvous point with the Ptolemy and finds debris. Nena shows up and greets Setsuna, informing him the Ptolemy went down to Earth. Setsuna runs off without another word, much to Nena’s dismay.


Hercules and Sergei are shown talking. Hercules informs Sergei of a planned coup d’état of the Federation.

ep14ss16.jpg ep14ss17.jpg ep14ss18.jpg ep14ss19.jpg

Ian awakens and is fully recovered. He promptly discovers there is a gaping hole in the side of the Ptolemy.

ep14ss20.jpg ep14ss21.jpg ep14ss22.jpg ep14ss23.jpg ep14ss24.jpg ep14ss25.jpg

The Ptolemy crew discusses repairs, which Saji is helping with along with the Haros. It is revealed that the mobile armor that shot them down has a massive death cannon similar to the Alvatore. Marie arrives with food (because she does little else these days), and Mileina gets like preposterously excited about it. Meanwhile outside, Lockon and Anew talk for a bit, at a certain point Lockon insists Anew call him Lyle. Sumeragi is also briefly shown apologizing to Allelujah for involving Marie in the battle.

ep14ss26.jpg ep14ss27.jpg ep14ss28.jpg ep14ss29.jpg

On Earth, Setsuna comes across the gaping hole that was once Seel when the Arche Gundam flies by. As Setsuna quickly heads after it, it is obvious Ali is intentionally luring him somewhere.

At the Katharon base, Klaus, Shirin, and the others are shown discussing the potential coup d’état. They soon hear singing voices, which is shown to be the children led by Marina.

ep14ss30.jpg ep14ss31.jpg ep14ss32.jpg ep14ss33.jpg

Ali and Setsuna reach Krugis, where the Arche Gundam turns around and starts descending. While still in the air, Ali gets out of his cockpit. After landing, Setsuna follows suit. The two converse briefly as Setsuna accuses Ali of helping the Innovators. Setsuna quickly pulls his gun on Ali who stops him by saying that he should wait until he meets his sponsor.

ep14ss34.jpg ep14ss35.jpg ep14ss36.jpg ep14ss37.jpg ep14ss38.jpg ep14ss39.jpg

Ribbons walks out from behind a tower behind the Arche Gundam. He greets Setsuna as Setsuna F. Seiei, and the Soran Ibrahim. Ribbons reveals that he was the pilot of the 0 Gundam that saved Setsuna years ago and asks Setsuna to join the Innovators to change the world. Setsuna appears to hesitate, considering his proposition, before pulling his gun on Ribbons.

A gunshot is heard and Setsuna falls down in the palm of the 00 Raiser, hit in the shoulder by a bullet from Ali’s gun. He presses a button on the palm of the Gundam to return him back to the cockpit.

ep14ss40.jpg ep14ss41.jpg

Back at the Ptolemy it is decided to sortie the Seravee and Arios to search for Setsuna.

ep14ss42.jpg ep14ss43.jpg ep14ss44.jpg ep14ss45.jpg

Meanwhile Setsuna and Ali are locked in combat. Setsuna clearly is under quite a bit of stress, likely due to the bullet in his fucking shoulder/upper arm. Amidst the battle, Setsuna manages to use the 00 Raiser’s shoulder pieces to slice one of the Arche’s legs.

ep14ss46.jpg ep14ss47.jpg ep14ss48.jpg ep14ss49.jpg

The Seravee and Arios are intercepted by the Garazzo and Gadessa, respectively.

Bring damages the Seravee considerably, chopping in half the GN Bazooka and cutting off its right arm. The Seravee grabs the Garazzo with its remaining arm and its leg-cannon-arms and goes Trans-Am.


ep14ss50.jpg ep14ss51.jpg ep14ss71.jpg ep14ss52.jpg ep14ss53.jpg ep14ss54.jpg

The backpack transforms and launches off of the Seravee. It is clear this isn’t a drone as once suspected but an MS that brings both Tieria and the GN Drive with it.

Tieria announces that since he can’t use Nadleeh, he instead will use the Seraphim Gundam. Ribbons is shown briefly being shocked due to detecting what had happened through Veda.

The Seraphim leaps over the Seravee as the Garazzo turns on its GN Field. The Seraphim’s hands penetrate through the GN Field before transforming back into beam cannons, which shoot within the GN Field, destroying the Garazzo and killing Bring.

ep14ss55.jpg ep14ss56.jpg ep14ss57.jpg ep14ss58.jpg ep14ss59.jpg

Ali intercepts a Katharon carrier, holding Klaus, Shirin, and their crew (just to note, not Marina). Before he can damage it, a Trans-Am 00 Raiser pops out to fight Ali.

Setsuna essentially starts taking the Arche to the house. The massive beams shot out during Trans-Am destroy the Arche’s fangs, and the 00 Raiser starts cutting the Gundam to pieces.

ep14ss60.jpg ep14ss61.jpg ep14ss62.jpg ep14ss63.jpg ep14ss64.jpg

As Setsuna moves to stab the Arche in the cockpit, he hears Marina saying his name echoing, causing him to pause with the blade meters away from stabbing through the Arche.

Marina’s song begins to fill the cockpit, and it is shown everyone can hear it as well, due to the link caused by the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am. The Arche Gundam explodes as Ali escapes in a similar manner to the escape pod in the Gadessa and Garazzo. Marina’s song serves as the ED for this episode.

ep14ss65.jpg ep14ss66.jpg ep14ss67.jpg

The new mobile armor is shown to be docked on the same ship as Louise, who meets Divine. Quick sidenote: Louise appears to be piloting a recolored version of this mobile armor in the OP.

Meanwhile, Billy presents Mr. Bushido with his new suit. When Mr. Bushido/Graham notes that it resembles a Flag, Billy denotes it the Samurai Flag, noting that Professor Eifman had an influence on it and it incorporates a feature that he had discovered prior to his death.

ep14ss68.jpg ep14ss69.jpg

As Graham heads to his new unit, Billy turns and pulls out a photo of Sumeragi and himself from the university. He rips it up and throws its pieces into the air, whispering “Goodbye, Kujo.”


The only real thing of significant importance from the next episode preview is the picture above.

Anyhow… Another summary down. Hope you rofl’d a bit. When you see the episode you’ll omfg a few times.

Once again, all images courtesy of 2channers.


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  1. That samurai Flag looks incredible ^_^

  2. holy crap Graham’s new suit is wicked sicccckkkk!!!!!!!!!! xD

  3. im waiting for the images of seraphim!! xD

    hail knolly!!

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