Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order Game On! + International Shipping

Picture courtesy of Ngee Khiong

Alright, we have enough people to make this happen. I will be emailing everyone who posted with interest today, but if this is the first time you’re seeing this, follow the details below to order.

How to Order:
– Paypal $25 per bazooka to Be sure to include a shipping address!
– If you are NOT in the US, include $10 for shipping for the first bazooka and an extra $5 per each additional bazooka.

Details (mostly repeated from previous post):
– You will ONLY get the bazooka. No novels are included otherwise the cost would be a lot higher due to increased shipping (each novel weighs about three times a bazooka).
– The box the bazooka comes in will be wrapped in paper, sealed nicely and securely, and shipped. This is in an effort to keep costs of packaging down. From having the Unicorn gatlings myself, the boxes of these things are VERY strong. If I feel there is a danger of the bazooka being broken, I’ll ensure it gets packed in a safer material.
– For international orders: While I do not foresee this, I reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your money if shipping ends up being far greater than planned.

To GUARANTEE your bazooka kit(s) you must have your order in by JANUARY 19th.

The novel isn’t released until April 15th (announced date), but the retailer I’m getting these through is placing their order on the 20th, so due to the large quantity of novels being ordered we must have them ordered by then to guarantee yourself one. I will send out all of the bazookas as soon as I receive them.

If it is AFTER the 19th I will do my absolute best to accommodate you. Send the money via Paypal as described above and if I cannot secure you a book, I will refund your money. I will edit this post if I have confirmed there are no more novels left.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not trying to make a profit off of this, but I know I certainly want one of these guys and figured out I could help some other people in the process and hopefully get a pretty good price for everyone this way.

Please post any questions or concerns you might have in the comments on this post.


4 Responses to “Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order Game On! + International Shipping”

  1. I am from the philippines. is it possible to order the bazooka from you?

  2. Great work Knolly! I thank you very much for your effort. Just placed my order.

  3. i’m from indonesia.. how much should i pay for one? two?and so on

  4. @yudha
    Since you are international, the price would be:
    For one: $35
    For two: $65

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