The Backlog

Every once in awhile I like to write down what I should be working on, what I have sitting around not working on, etc etc, all in an attempt to figure out why I’m not really making progress on anything…

Future Projects:
In general, this is a stupid idea, as I have a big enough backlog as is, but…

– 1/144 HG 00 Gundam + 0 Raiser: I’m ordering this guy because I decided I wanted a little desktop mascot here at college. I looked and found the HG is cheaper, better looking, and more poseable than both the HCM Pro and Robot Damashii 00 Gundams, so it was a pretty easy decision, haha. The only problem is that I don’t just pull it out of the box and plop it there… I have to touch it up a bit, but here at school I have pretty limited capabilities. In fact that only tools I have here are those required to build a model and nothing more… So basically I’m going to have an experiment with panel lining and making the GN Condensers look good. Other touchups of color like the V-fin and the grey on the underside of the GN Drives will be done whenever I can make it home to my spraybooth, followed by a matte coat on the whole model.

-1/100 Exia: This is purely meant as a supplement to the GN Flag… Ideally if they release an MG Exia I’d use that instead. I just have a rather dramatic diorama-type thing in my head for a battle scene between Exia and the GN Flag.

Current Projects:

– 1/100 GN Flag: This is being held up by pure laziness. I need to sit myself down to start modeling parts for this. It’s a shame I have to use a new 3D modeling program as I was a fricken’ demon with AutoCAD. I honestly probably could get the entire GN Flag done in a day or two in AutoCAD, but with the program I’m using now, to my great shame, I’m struggling just with the GN Drive. The program. Doesn’t. Have. The ability to rotate objects. WTF. This is what I get from my school of engineering… *sigh*

– MG Gundam Unicorn + Banshee: The Banshee is kind of a side project to get me used to 3D modeling but to be honest, given my current work ethic, my time is much better spent just working on the GN Flag… As for the Unicorn itself, about a third of the white parts are primed, and thus I thoroughly regret not just flat coating the white parts. I’m quite the fool… But I just need to spend more time painting this guy, that’s all. Unfortunately, as mentioned, I rarely get time at home with the spraybooth to do that.

– MG Sinanju: I started painting the gold bits and realized I had no idea what tactic I should use on them… I originally was just trying to do a flat coat, mask of the gold parts and spray it gold, then call it a day… But masking those things is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE



The shield is the only one with paint on it and it’s kind of a mishmash of stuff in an attempt to make it look good… *sigh* But it’s back at home so it’s not about to get worked on now.

1/100 Overflag: This actually might not come to fruition… I may end up scrapping the current Overflag that I’ve been modding into a GN Flag and then convert my other Overflag into the GN Flag. But if not… This guy just really needs to get OOB’d…

On the Way Backburner:

-MG Strike Freedom: I think this kind of disappeared because I just lost interest in the design… *shrug* What I have built/was mid painting was a bit of a kitbash. Most of the Strike Freedom is built on the Freedom frame with the Core-Works Strike Freedom conversion. I then incorporated quite a few of the MG’s details and whatnot, most significantly the wings. Maybe I’ll get around to it one day…

-MG Crossbone Full Cloth: This is actually just chilling out in its box… Not sure what I really want to do with it.

-Other Abandoned Shit: Beyond saving.  


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  1. I love the first paragraph of this post. I swear I do the same thing myself.

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