Gundam 00 S2 Episode 16: Prelude to Tragedy

Spoilers ahead, obv…

This is a VERY dialogue heavy episode, so since my Japanese is rubbish I can only be so useful here… Enjoy the screens at least, haha.

ep16ss01.jpg ep16ss02.jpg ep16ss03.jpg ep16ss04.jpg

The episode begins with Hercules making an announcement to everyone in the orbital elevator that they are evacuating everyone not part of the coup d’etat.

ep16ss05.jpg ep16ss06.jpg ep16ss07.jpg ep16ss08.jpg ep16ss09.jpg ep16ss10.jpgep16ss11.jpg ep16ss12.jpg

Sergei’s reaction to hearing of the coup d’etat on the news is shown and it goes into a flashback of himself, his wife (who was also in the miltary), and Hercules speaking on a bench.

Note: Every fricken’ flashback is on a bench.

ep16ss13.jpg ep16ss14.jpg ep16ss15.jpg ep16ss16.jpg ep16ss17.jpg ep16ss18.jpg ep16ss19.jpg

Shots of all of the various camps reacting to the coup d’etat. Fun stuff. About now I start wondering what the hell Setsuna and Bushido are doing…

ep16ss20.jpg ep16ss21.jpg ep16ss22.jpg

A-Laws launches Aheads to the elevator, where they release automatons.

ep16ss23.jpg ep16ss24.jpg ep16ss25.jpg

Sergei arrives at the orbital elevator in a repainted Tieren Taozi.

…don’t you need quantum brainwaves to control that thing?

ep16ss26.jpg ep16ss27.jpg ep16ss28.jpg ep16ss29.jpg ep16ss30.jpg

Speaking of quantum brainwaves, the Innovators are shown talking amongst themselves in their typically non-concerned fashion. Speaking of people who can access Veda (see: Ep 15), Louse is outside talking to Andrei. A flashback is shown in which Hercules met Andrei. When Hercules complimented his father Andrei spouted the “He’s the reason my mother is dead” bit.

ep16ss32.jpg ep16ss33.jpg ep16ss34.jpg ep16ss35.jpg ep16ss36.jpg

Sergei and Hercules are talking for quite a while. This whole time I’m STILL wondering whether or not I’m missing Graham Specials…

The automatons are shown breaking into the area full of civilians and shooting them down. Hercules and Andrei watch that on the new on Earth, they are showing parts of the automatons killing civilians but editing in ESF soldiers in the automatons place to make it look like the coup’ers are the ones doing the slaughtering.

And I’m all like, where the hell is Setsuna?




Wait a minute.

They replayed the entire scene from the end of the last episode starting at Setsuna doing a U-turn in the 00 Raiser to head to the elevator. Laaaame…

ep16ss38.jpg ep16ss39.jpg ep16ss40.jpg ep16ss41.jpg ep16ss42.jpg ep16ss43.jpg ep16ss44.jpg ep16ss45.jpg ep16ss46.jpg ep16ss47.jpg ep16ss48.jpg


Anyhow, Masurao is just absolutely wailing on the 00 Raiser. It is shown that the 00 Raiser can make a full GN Field (that’s new). Setsuna goes Trans-Am to fight against Bushido, all the while his GN bullet wound is clearly paining him quite a bit…

ep16ss49.jpg ep16ss50.jpg

The other three Gundams show up in Trans-Am and Bushido retreats. Setsuna nearly just drops out of the sky in the 00 Raiser due to an apparent combination of physical/emotional pain.

ep16ss51.jpg ep16ss52.jpg ep16ss53.jpg ep16ss54.jpg ep16ss55.jpg ep16ss56.jpg ep16ss57.jpg ep16ss58.jpg

There is a massive troop movement at the bottom of the orbital elevator, but the troops are moving away from the elevator. It shows Sumeragi, Kati/Billy, and Hercules/Sergei all coming to the same conclusion at the same time…

Cut to another Memento Mori getting ready to fire at the base of the orbital elevator.

From the next episode preview:

ep16ss59.jpg ep16ss60.jpg ep16ss61.jpg ep16ss62.jpg ep16ss63.jpg ep16ss64.jpg ep16ss65.jpg ep16ss66.jpg

Just some highlights…

– Setsuna is feelin’ the hurt
– Soma in tangerine pilot suit, presumably in the GN Archer
– Andrei/Sergei Raging
– Saji in a white pilot suit in what APPEARS to be the 00 Raiser
– Shot of the Memento Mori asploding
– Andrei as a kid lookin’ creepy

SHAZAM. End of ep. As I said, hugeass amount of dialogue and all just a giant cocktease to keep you watching for 00 Raiser vs Masurao. But it was awesome anyway, haha. Looking forward to the subs though.


6 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 Episode 16: Prelude to Tragedy”

  1. the little boy in the preview is andrei. You can see him aswell on the pictures before Sergei gets the flashback from his mom and Hercule.

  2. Ah, thanks, good call, I also now realize I wrote Sergei when I meant to say Andrei… But glad to at least have some confirmation.

  3. Thanks a lot for the fast “screencapped” summary !

  4. the tieren sergei is piloting is probably the new tieren unit, tieren all-region type if im not mistaken

  5. Am pretty sure its episode 16

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