1/144 HG 00 Gundam: Work in Progress – Buildup and To Do

So I got my 1/144 HG 00 Gundam today and slapped the guy together. He’s a hella nice model. I haven’t built a 1/144 HG in years but this was an absolute joy to put together.

Everything is just amazing… Detailed, very articulated, this kit is quite amazing. I’m not going to do a full review since it’s not a new kit and you can find these reviews left and right, but still.



Only tools thus far:
– Hobby knife
– Sprung cutting tweezers (My new favorite modeling tool… Gonna have a rant/review on this soon)
– .005 Micron Sakura marker for panel lining
– Metallic green Gundam Marker for painting
– Sandpaper

00Gundam2.jpg 00Gundam3.jpg

Aside from snapping, what I’ve done is:
– Painted eyes metallic green and outlined in black.
– Painted GN Condensers with metallic green on the inside (very pleased with the result).
– Panel lines.

00Gundam4.jpg 00Gundam5.jpg 00Gundam6.jpg 00Gundam7.jpg

Still to do:
– Paint the yellow horns (right now they’re stickers). Not sure how I’ll go about this. Option one is to get another paint marker and finish them now. Option two is to wait until I get home in a month or two and paint them then.
– Paint the red jewel on the forehead. I think I’ll just get a metallic red marker for this since I really love how the GN Condensers turned out.
– Paint the clear parts on the GN Blade IIs (clear blue and grey).
– Paint the grey stripes on the legs.
– Sharpen v-fins and some other things via sanding.
– Paint grey on the underside of the GN Drives.
– Flat coat the whole thing.

This was a very nice afternoon project for the day. I’m really happy with how the GN Condensers turned out. Hella nice for coming from a marker, haha.

So I want to tackle everything else on that list besides the flat coat before I head home in a month or two… The only possible exception is the blue part on the GN Blade II because I’d be worried about it rubbing off without flatcoating it. I also will probably hold off on the underside of the GN Drives until I can do that part with an airbrush.

As I said, this was a really nice and fun little project. Perhaps I’ll order another model with the additional Gundam Markers… We shall see.

Two more quick shots:

00Gundam8.jpg 00Gundam9.jpg

My apologies for the not-so-great quality photos. Only have an old point-and-shoot here at school.

8 Responses to “1/144 HG 00 Gundam: Work in Progress – Buildup and To Do”

  1. RaginTiger Says:

    very nice indeed. I agree with most of your comments, except maybe perhaps detail. I found the kit to be lacking in terms of panel lines needed so I figure it was kinda simple. Oh right, for the red jewel on the forehead, i recommend it be glued or cemented because it seems like its easily detached. Didn’t know they had a metallic green marker… looks like I’ll be getting that. The metallic red one is very nice though, I’ll put up pics of the trans-am exia from the gn arms I built that used that marker soon enough, probably when I finally dish out the money for two stands. Didn’t do anything special to it like the regular one with LEDs though. ^^;

  2. For detail, I think the panel lines are pretty acceptable. There could be some more, but I’d much rather that there be too few panel lines than too many. I know it’s really personal preference but I’m a sort of less-is-more guy with panel lines.

    Other details aside from panel lines COULD use some work, but basically for the price I find it all to be pretty incredible. I’m going to try to look into a cheap and neat way to add some thrusters to the holes in the GN Drives, although that might become irrelevant since I plan on getting the 0 Raiser when it comes out which will probably cover up the drives…

    For the red jewel… Interestingly enough the jewel is staying there quite alright on its own, but the v-fin is far from stable. Glad to hear the metallic red marker is good as well! I’m really glad with how the green turned out on these parts, haha.

    I’d be interested in pics of the Exia and GN Arms. I’d like a set of GN Arms myself but don’t have nearly enough room, haha. I’m currently pondering whether or not to grab another Gundam with the markers… I could have enough room to have a four Gundam team and an enemy or two, but for enemies I think I’ll wait for an HG Masurao, haha. Maybe the Gadessa and Garazzo depending on how the Garazzo turns out.

  3. Pretty nice for a 1/144, I’m not a big fan of 00 designs, personally though. I just find them to be too similar for hte most part, and seriously, how many flags variants do you need? Hardcore whoring there on Bandai’s side. I do like the Virtue and Seravee, but would balk at building an MG of them after putting together a heavy armored Gundam like the FAZZ. I can just see them sucking on posability..

    On the panel lines, how is the sakura marker? I’ve used the regular gundam panel line markers, but unfortunately there are times when they’re just a little too big (wide?) for even MG’s.

    I do like the effect of the metallic green. I’ve become a fan of using it now when I paint eyes.

    Also interested in hearing about these spring cutting tweezers?

  4. Ooooooh the GN condensors look cool

  5. looks good on my eye ;]

    simple makes thing more realistic as what I believe.
    The part that got my attention is the transparent part
    that you colored with metallic paint. But im really
    planning to paint mine with glow in the dark paints ;]

  6. @Rob
    “how many flags variants do you need”

    I mean there are hundreds of Zaku variants… Flags are like Zakus in that they’re mass-produced MS. The only difference is Flags are FUCKING. AWESOME.


    I really like all of 00’s designs… Mainly since they’re just so different from everything we’ve seen before, especially season one’s designs. I originally wasn’t a fan of season two’s MS but they’ve grown on me considerably. And aside from Gundams I think it has the most attractive grunt MS from any series (the jury is still out on the standard Ahead though…).

    I don’t know about Virtue, but I’ve heard Seravee’s articulation is pretty good. I think it has the same sort of joints as 00, and the poseability is only limited by the design itself due to bulkiness. Take a gander at Dalong’s review for some pics.

    The Sakura marker is perfect as far as I’m concerned. I actually got a set of various sizes but only really used the smallest one, haha. I’ll go back later with larger ones for a bit more detail (such as coloring in the GN Drive’s holes), but for the actual panel lines, I have zero complaints. It dries fast, but not instantly, so if you put a bit too much on or miss the panel you can actually just rub it off with your finger or a Q-tip.

    Also, to do the eyes, I just covered them in metallic green and when they dried scribbled the Sakura marker on the area around them, and they look really nice. When I finish this guy up I’ll use a better camera to take some proper pics.

    Hopefully I’ll have time later tonight for a rant/review of the spring cutting tweezers. I’ll figure out what they’re actually called by then too, haha.

    Thank ya. I’m really surprised and pleased with how well they turned out.

    Keep me posted on your 00! If it ends up anything like Chikka’s it ought to be very nice!

  7. Excellent blog. You have brought in a brand-new reader. Please maintain the fabulous posts and I look forward to more of your amusing posts.

  8. is the stand also available in the kit?

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