Tool Review/Rant: Despruing Tweezers – My New Favorite Tool

I saw this on MicroMark one day and was interested as I had heard of something like this before… Some quick Googling told me some pretty good things, so I nabbed one.

(Above image from MicroMark)

The HG 1/144 00 Gundam was the first model I used this on and I am so sad that I didn’t discover this sooner…

First, for the name… I referred to this as a desprung tweezer before, since I thought it was like desprung as in the opposite of sprung. No clue why. Point being, it’s despruing, as in to remove something from the sprue. Huh, who knew?

Anyhow, moving on to the tool.

DespruingTweezer2.jpg DespruingTweezer3.jpg

It comes in a little plastic pouch. As you can already see, and deduce from the name, it looks a lot like a set of tweezers, and behaves like one too. However, the points of it are two very sharp blades.

DespruingTweezer4.jpg DespruingTweezer5.jpg

The size of the blades at the end are enough so that even if you cut right up next to the plastic it won’t tear out plastic. Instead, it will just be extremely smooth.

Here’s been my sprue removal process for models until now:

  1. With sprue cutters, cut close to the part, but not too close to risk damaging the part due to the cutting, and remove part from sprue.
  2. Use hobby knife to cut off remainder of sprue and get plastic flush.
  3. Sand plastic.

This was the process with the HG 1/144 00 Gundam:

  1. Remove part from sprue with despruing tweezers, cutting right up to the part itself.
  2. On A FEW parts (maybe 20% at most), mostly ones on round surfaces, clean up the cut with a hobby knife.

That’s it.

Honestly, this probably cut my initial build time in half. AT LEAST.

I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it, my only worry is the durability in the long run. This worked fine on one 1/144 kit, but how many kits before the edges get dull? You can’t exactly replace them, so you’d have to buy another, which rings up to over $20 when you factor in shipping…


As you can see, it says specifically “For Plastic Models Only,” so I’m hoping it’ll stay strong. Obviously stainless steel is stronger than plastic, but most people in this hobby know that you can work through hobby knife blades faster than you’d think, so we shall see.

I’ll keep everyone informed as far as how long this thing lasts me. I ordered an HG 1/144 Cherudim yesterday as well, so I might make a quick video of showing it in action when I get the kit.

Where to Buy:

Item #: 82393
Product Page

Currently it is listed at $17.80. I consider it well worth the price if it lasts me through a decent amount of models. MicroMark occasionally has sales where they take half off of their tools, this one included. These usually occur in October though, so not anytime soon I’m afraid…

I’ve seen similar items on other pages (such as here), and they may very well be the exact same thing without the MicroMark branding, but I really can’t vouch for them since I’m not sure.

Anyhow, to sum it all up: These. Amazing. Get them.


7 Responses to “Tool Review/Rant: Despruing Tweezers – My New Favorite Tool”

  1. Do you have a picture of a before/after clipping from the sprue?

  2. @Rob
    I’m afraid not at the moment. I’ll post an update with pics and possibly a short video when I get my Cherudim.

  3. Knolly, OK, looking forward to it. I’m following the same flow as you do, snip from the gates, then trim down the sprue remains as low as I can, then use the hobby knife to get it flush. Haven’t really messed with sanding, yet, although I should (too lazy!). Howver, if these tweezers help cut out the sprue damage then I’ll definitely have to look into picking up a pair.

  4. Thanks for that heads up. I would totally buy one if I could.

  5. Hey just wonderin, do you know how durable these are with ABS plastic from Master Grade kits? Do you think you would be able to post a video of this miraculous device? It seems so tempting to order! Thanks.

  6. @Dark Rage

    I assume they’d be fine with MG kits, but I just can’t speak from firsthand experience (not yet, at least).

    I would post a video but sadly my camera is of horrific quality. In about two weeks I might be able to use a better one, so we will see. Sorry I can’t be more prompt… A new camera is on my list of things to buy these days.

  7. Hi, I’m thinking of using one of these for my DMK 01 – Optimus Prime clear version. Is this desprueing tweezer still good?

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