Gundam 00 S2 Episode 17: In Midst of the Scattered Light

Can’t be fucked to do anything but a rough summary as I’m really fricken tired and mildly drunk. So no pics ‘n stuff for tonight, sorry.

Spoilers to follow obv…

– Starts with a flashback of Sergei and Hercules commanding a battle together. Andrei reveals how this one way or another is why Sergei is responsible for his mothers death.
– Yada yada, oh shit second Memento Mori.
– Ribbons and Regene yammer on about how humanity is a big fail.
– Ribbons says HE is the future of humanity. Oh no he didn’t.
– Katharon shows up and starts getting bitched by the ESF. Lockon rushes in to fight and Tieria and Allelujah follow him.
– Allelujah talked for the first time in 10 episodes.
– Setsuna, despite having a gaping bullet wound for the past four episodes, decides to launch off in the 00. Ian insists that the 0 Raiser have a pilot, and Setsuna asks Saji to be the pilot, to “fight to protect.”
– Ian gives Saji a white pilot suit.
– 00 and the 0 Raiser launch seperately and then dock.
– Saji is clearly feeling some hurt from the G-forces. Poor guy.
– The 00 Raiser goes for Memento Mori alone. Divine intercepts him in the Empuress and apparently is destroyed. Divine seems to be deadifyed.
– Despite beam sabers the size of fucking planets, Memento Mori fires as the 00 Raiser falls back to Earth.
– Gyaaaaao next.
– Memento Mori hits the top of the elevator.
– Sergei escapes in his Tieren and Hercules is in a GN-XIII.
– No, seriously. This looks awesome. I wish there was mass destruction like this more often.
– The orbital trains carrying the civilians are destroyed on their way down.
– Sumeragi broadcasts to everyone on the Earth on both sides to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.
– Oh yeah, there are a few cities in the way of the elevator falling…
– The Gundams start blowing up the debris falling. Cherudim uses its shield bits to shoot at everything. So ha, suck it to everyone who claimed they actually couldn’t fire.
– Marie shows up in the GN Archer to help out her boy.
– Katharon starts helping out in destroying the debris, along with the forces in favor of the coup d’etat.
– Aaaand, finally the ESF decides to help out too.
– A-Laws shows up on the scene… And we are all left in suspense as to whether or not they’re gonna be dicks.
– But nope, they help out. Yay for everyone fighting to protect innocent people for once.
– Hank and Sergei arrive down on Earth to shoot at shit.
– Marie sees Sergei’s Tieren and recognizes it as her old unit.
– Andrei realizes his father is there and turns to shoot at him, but gets distracted by the GIANT ASS TOWER FALLING ON THEM.
– Seravee goes Trans-Am and does his usual thing.
– 00 Raiser arrives. Arios and Cherudim go Trans-Am for maximum Gundaming.
– After all is said in done, it seems they prevented a decent amount of the destruction.
– Sergei and Hercules are chilling out and a beam comes out of nowhere and blows up Hercules’s GN-XIII.
– Andrei flys out of nowhere and starts beating on Sergei’s Tieren, saying he killed his mother.
– Marie tries to help Sergei, who is intercepted by Louise, who is then intercepted by 00 Raiser/Saji.
– Andrei stabs the Tieren through the chest.
– Okay, despite my obvious cynical attitude at the moment, that was rather tragic.
– Sergei, in the cockpit, covered in blood, says his last words to Andrei before pushing the Tieren away from the GN-XIII.
– He sees a vision of his wife just before the Tieren explodes.
– Marie screams for Sergei.
– Okay, I saw NOTHING meaningful in the next ep preview other than peoples faces looking dramatic.   


2 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 Episode 17: In Midst of the Scattered Light”

  1. Cagallisan Says:

    Papa Beaaaaaaaaaaar R.I.P
    Andrei kill his father, what a coward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i knew andrei was just waiting for a chance to kill his dad… another good pilot wasted by angry emotion…

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