1/144 HG Gundam 00 Team: Work in Progress – Cherudim Gundam

So here we have my slowly growing season two Gundam team…


I noticed AFTER I took this picture that the way I have them posed makes photos of them block out their faces… Oops.

Also, yes, I am aware that dear god I need a better camera. I’m working on it.


Cherudim was a very nice build as well. A bit more intricate than 00, mostly due to the design of the Gundam, but Cherudim is also extremely poseable and very nice ‘n detailed. My main gripe with detail is the exposed underside of the Shield Bits.

00GundamCherudim6.jpg 00GundamCherudim7.jpg

Did some additional touching up to 00. I painted the red jewel on the forehead in a similar method to the GN Condensers, by just covering it in a metallic red Gundam Marker on the underside. I then did the standard V-fin trim and minor sharpening and then painted the middle horns yellow. Also painted the grey sides of the faces. I’m currently playing with the idea of painting the line on the GN Drive as well as the inner holes metallic green.

Speaking of the GN Drive, I’m kind of holding off on the design of the new ones to 3D print until I get the 0 Raiser, since some part of the 0 Raiser latches onto the Drive, and I want to make sure that it doesn’t interfere. Or, alternatively, I might just make a new piece to attach the 0 Raiser to the Gundam with, haha. We’ll just see how well I can tweak with Solid Edge.

Some spare pics taken with flash so somewhat more sharpness are below. I hate my camera…

00GundamCherudim1.jpg 00GundamCherudim2.jpg 00GundamCherudim3.jpg

Next up… Well, probably the 0 Raiser. Then Seravee and Arios perhaps? It really depends on what’s in stock when I feel the urge to order something.

Also, a little commentary… I really like the GN Action Bases. They’re simple, but the whole idea to color then sparkly-transparent-green to look like GN Particles was genius, haha.


One Response to “1/144 HG Gundam 00 Team: Work in Progress – Cherudim Gundam”

  1. looks really good. u should add some panel lining on the gn drive. love the pose.

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