Gundam 00 S2 Episode 18: Mixed Emotions

Spoilers to follow, obv.

Updated with a few screenshots and whatnot. Not as many as usual, but still.

– Starts with a ceremony of some kind regarding the orbital elevator’s destruction with everyone cheering. I could be wrong, but it seems that they are saying the terrorists fired Memento Mori.
– Katagiri and “the blonde A-Laws guy” are talking and mention that Kati didn’t show up to the ceremony.
– Meanwhile CB is attacking either the Memento Mori from the last episode or a new one.
– Of note, both the 00 Raiser and Arios Archer are in combat with Saji and Marie piloting their respective units.
– Setsuna and Saji use the 00 Raiser to destroy Memento Mori by essentially cutting the entire part above the orbital ring off.
– Shot of some people from Katharon yammering on about how it’s great that CB took out Memento Mori. All is well until an Automaton bursts in and guns them down.
– Marina, Klaus, Shirin, and the kids are shown in some sort of countryside cottage.
– Klaus x Shirin moments.
– Marina’s song is on the radio?

ep18ss01.jpg ep18ss02.jpg

– Back at the Ptolemy, Marie is being rather biatchy, and it is revealed that Soma has been in control since Sergei died. It is also shown that she realizes that it was Andrei that killed Sergei.
– Setsuna is being examined for his bullet wound, and it is mentioned that he is infected with fake GN Particles. Anew mentions that it is the same thing infecting Lasse.
– Wang Lie Mei and Ribbons talking. Aka I’m useless.
– Regene walks in afterwards, asking if it was alright to tell her something about the Innovators.

ep18ss03.jpg ep18ss04.jpg ep18ss05.jpg

– Louise and Andrei talking… Wtf, Andrei’s locker is bigger than Louise. Sexist much?
– Andrei says he was just killing members of the coup faction. Revive and Healing press him to reveal the truth to Louise.
– Revive and Healing say something along the lines that he should have been glad he even had a father.
– Andrei hugs Louise and thinks of Saji.
– Saji decides that he must fight in order to save Louise.
– People on the Ptolemy talking about the EFSF’s announcement at the beginning of the ep, but seriously, all I hear is “desu” and “Veda.”
– Basically, the decide that they need to recapture Veda, and to do so need to capture an Innovator.
– OHSHI-! Anew is in bed with Lyle. PLAYA!

ep18ss06.jpg ep18ss07.jpg ep18ss08.jpg ep18ss09.jpg

– Anew asks about Lyle’s brother. When Lyle asks about her family her head starts hurting. Lyle hugs her and kisses her to comfort her. As they’re kissing, Anew’s eye shoots open in Veda-mode.
– Of note, both Marie and Setsuna feel a surge from the quantum brainwave.
– It is shown Revive was using her to locate the Ptolemy (again).
– Cue MASSIVE assault on the Ptolemy. Of note is that Bushido is shown talking to Billy and prior to heading to the Masurao, he dons a different, smaller mask.
– Shows Regene giving Wang and Hong Long a piece of folded paper.
– Setsuna sees Saji on the way to the hangar and says “Saji Crossroad.”
– Saji explains he wants to save Louise, while stuggling to find words, Setsuna extends his hands and says “Let’s save Louise Halevy.”
– Prior to launching, Allelujah says “Arios Archer. Allelujah Haptism. Soma Pieres. Heading out.”
– Before he launches, Lyle tells Anew he loves her. Cue freakout from Desu and everyone else on the bridge.
– Epicness of everyone saying who they’re fighting for prior to the start of the battle.
– Andrei: Mother
– Marie: Colonel
– Allelujah: Marie
– Saji: Louise
– Lyle: Anew
– Tieria: Veda
– Setsuna: Gundam
– I might have missed a few in there, but still.


– A man bursts into the cottage that Marina and co were in and tells them to run before being shot. There are a few men in the field and one of the kids grabs a gun and aims it at them. Marina yells for him not to and grabs him before getting shot.

ep18ss11.jpg ep18ss12.jpg

– It is revealed that the piece of paper that Regene gave Wang contained the location of Veda, presumably from Ribbons since it had the instructions not to transmit it in any way, but hand it to them in person.
– In the next episode preview, aming other things, we see that Louise and Saji meet face-to-face.

Couldn’t find the 2ch thread, so pics actually courtesy of 4chan this week.


6 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 Episode 18: Mixed Emotions”

  1. You’re confusing Revive Revival with Divine

  2. Good call, I am. But with the Innovators’ names like they are, can ya really blame me?


  3. Actually I thought their ridiculousness actually helps identify who is who

  4. setsuna f. seiei Says:

    thx for the summary man appreciate it :D

  5. When you say Divine, you mean Revive right? Just saying.

  6. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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