Random Musings of Works in Progress…

So the 0 Raiser I ordered got sent to the wrong address… So instead of having a ballin’ 00 Raiser right now I’ll have a ballin’ 00 Raiser mid-this-week.

In other news, I’ve been thinking of where my random little project of 1/144 HGs is going, and I think my ideal finished roster is…

Celestial Being Side:
– 00 Raiser (00 is Done-ish)
– Cherudim (Done-ish)
– Seravee + Seraphim
– Arios + GN Archer

And they all shall strike an epic Aeolia’s Angels pose. This is subject to change if there are any new additions in the last few episodes (minor spoiler: from episode summaries, it seems like this might be the case). The done-ish kits are finished except for a few minor paint touch ups, a flat coat on most of the model, and a coat of Future on the GN Condensers and other clear parts.

A-Laws Side:
– Gadessa
– Garazzo
– Masurao
– Arche Gundam

And then any other units that might come to be in the next few episodes (yet to watch it, but I think there’s a new unit in ep 20)… Masurao and Arche have been unheard of in kit form thus far. I think Masurao is almost a sure thing, although I’m suspicious about Arche since you would think it would’ve been announced by now, so who knows.

Now, a bit of going over my lofty goals, in order:
– 3D Printing new GN Drives for my HG 00 Gundam: I’m not sure about this one anymore… It sort of hinges on what I conclude I can do with the GN Drives after I get the 0 Raiser since it seems that it clips into the holes on the drives.
– 3D Printing a 1/100 GN Flag conversion kit: And to be honest, 3D Printing a 1/144 HG GN Flag conversion kit would be pretty easy once I had it modeled. This is just a case of me being lazy and not taking the time to sit down and work on it. It’s on the list. For realz.

Things that, once I’ve mastered 3D modeling, I’d really like to do…
– 00 Seven Swords conversion kit.
– One brazillian other things that I get in my head every now and then…

And finally, things that I need to get off my bum and finish over the summer when I have my spraybooth:
– MG Sinanju: This will probably get finished next month over spring break.
– MG Unicorn: This will not since I’m repainting every white part for some reason. The MG Banshee project was abandoned since Ngee Khiong was observant enough to notice that if you look at the runners of the MG Unicorn there are where they can separate the molds to sub in the Banshee parts, so the MG Banshee possibility went from highly likely to all but certain.
– MG Strike Freedom: Oh dear god I have to finish this guy just due to how much money I have invested in it. It is a combination of an MG Freedom + Core-Works Strike Freedom Conversion (original cast) + MG Strike Freedom. Basically due to that I’ve put about $200 into it. Oh the humanity.
– Five Star Stories Volks MM 1/100 Engage Octaver SR-1: Have an original cast of this kit that is sitting there since I damaged some parts and am unsure I can fix them.
– Five Star Stories Wave 1/144 Last Junchoon: This is a sacred kit for me since seeing the original completed kit is what got me interested in modeling. I kind of damaged parts of it putting rods ‘n such through it, but I shall get it done one of these days.

*deep breath*

And that’s my life…


2 Responses to “Random Musings of Works in Progress…”

  1. heh I can confirm that the hole Clips onto the GN drive Holder and I woould Reccomend Seeing how the raiser fits first. (the hinge Between is a bitch to build.)

  2. Yep, I actually finally got the 0 Raiser today (there was a bit of a shipping mixup that kept it from me) and you’re right, there’s really no way to add detail unless I completely remade the connection point. Grarg…

    Oh well, life goes on. It’ll just mean that whenever I work in 3D I’ll be designing something more worthwhile like the GN Flag, haha.

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