1/144 HG 00 Raiser


Finally got my 0 Raiser. There was a bit of a shipping mixup that stalled it another week, but life goes on, haha.

00Raiser2.jpg 00Raiser3.jpg 00Raiser4.jpg

Same deal as on my previous HGs, only with a tad more detail work.

– Panel lining with Sakura Micron markers.
– Touching up with a gray Gundam Marker in a number of places. There aren’t any stunning examples of this in these photos since a lot of them were in the back. The gray stripe on the bottom of the nose is the clearest one in the photo.
– Carefully colored the parts of the sensor (under the clear orange piece) in metallic silver. It gives the whole thing a nice metallic look while still keeping the detail of the sensor parts.

Aside from the flat coat, when I have access to my spraybooth I also have to paint the white area on the blue flap at the very back of the 0 Raiser, as it is currently just a sticker.

So I realized it is only a little over a week until I finally have access to my spraybooth… Exciting… I might bring a few cans of flat coat back to school so I could just go outside and spray if need be, haha. If I like the end result of this enough I might put together a full-on tutorial with videos (once I get a new camera, haha) on how to get a nice looking HG on both a financial and time budget, haha.

As for my 00 itself…

00GundamCherudim8.jpg 00GundamCherudim9.jpg

Little update to it. I colored in the rings and slots with metallic green and am pretty pleased with the result. This was a bit of a process for each GN Drive:

1. Put metallic green Gundam Marker in hole and press down for awhile, this lets paint flow down into the bottom where the marker can’t reach.
2. Color in the rest of the hole.
3. Repeat 1 and 2 for each hole.
4. Use marker to color entire ring. This is pretty much impossible to do perfectly so I just was messy and made sure to cover it as thoroughly as I could.
5. Sand the entire drive with sand paper evenly, so it gets rid of the excess paint on the ring and leaves an even look around the whole drive.

And one last pic of the 00 Raiser in a bit of an attempt to replicate his fight with the Arche Gundam (Or possibly the Trans-Am Raiser).


And that’s all for now! I’m going to put an order in before too long for basically the rest of the CB Gundams, the GN Archer, and the Gadessa. I’m pondering whether or not to wait until the Garazzo gets released as well… So in a few more weeks I’ll start churning out a new model every few days.


6 Responses to “1/144 HG 00 Raiser”

  1. How much did you get your 00 + Raiser? Thinking of getting them.

  2. @Mike
    Thanks, much appreciated!

    @Michael Yip
    I ordered them separately, but if you ordered them both from R10 it’d probably be about $25-30 when you include shipping.

  3. the shield bits on the knees of your cherudim are on up-side-down
    otherswise nice job :)

  4. @hk

    …how did I never notice that?

    Haha, thanks for the tip.

  5. @ HK – damn good eyes man…hell I hardly noticed when I knew what to look for

  6. also Nice set-up man, personally I can wait for the movie in 2010

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