HMM Zoids – Blade Liger AB Leon Custom

I finally sat down and finished this guy… He’s been a torso sitting there for months upon months, and MY GOD is it beautiful.


I’m in love. When I was building this I kept thinking “shit, this is detailed,” but looking at the finished product I’m amazed…


I have never built a model that was this:
– Detailed
– Intricate
– Fragile

As far as intricate goes, I’ve built plenty of MG Gundams, the most recent being the Sinanju, and this blows them out of the water.

I mention fragile because posing the BL tends to make things fall apart… Whenever I finish this model (see below), I’ll glue a ton of the parts on to prevent that.

As for finishing the model, I’m not quite sure what to do at this point. My options are:
1. Paint it blue (Ban’s Blade Liger AB).
2. Paint it red.
3. Just flat coat it.

Of course the above three all include detailing little bits and such. I originally was pretty set on painting it blue but the red has grown on my quite significantly… We shall see. I won’t really have time for any of it until July or so, so I have plenty of time to decide. In the meantime I might detail some small metallic bits, but nothing crazy.

And also here’s a quick pic of my finished 00 Raiser and Cherudim. I’ll be getting a new camera at the end of the month so I’ll take nice gallery pics of the two then.


The top of my microwave is starting to look rather cluttered… I’ll probably get a little display case for ’em next year when I have a bit more room.


12 Responses to “HMM Zoids – Blade Liger AB Leon Custom”

  1. kalam00 Says:

    Hi,this is my first time here.

    Seeing the finished model, the Blade Liger is indeed an amusing kit though it seem OOB there. Just curios, what’s the difference between this Blade liger with the normal(blue) one?

  2. @kalam00
    Yep, it’s completely OOB at the moment… I’m currently at college, which severely limits my modeling abilities. The HG 00 kits I make are done completely with Gundam markers and whatnot, so I’m not finishing the Blade Liger until I get home to my spray booth.

    The difference between this limited edition red one and the normal blue one, aside from color, is that the red one includes the Attack Booster CP. I got a new camera so I’m planning on taking some new pics of it, since they’re not entirely obvious in the pic I posted. The Attack Boosters are the red and white things attached to the base of the blades.

  3. after hearing your review, I’m quite convinced by you to get the HMM Zoids – Blade Liger AB Leon Custom and repaint it in blue after being unable to find the original Blade Liger anywhere online. And it was great to find out there hasn’t being much difference between the 2 except for color-wise and the extra booster.

    You have been a great help. Thanks Knolly!

  4. Sorry 4 posting incorrectly under the wrong name. seems like my cursor accidentally hit on the ‘Name’ field while I was trying to type your name to thank you and was too late when I realised it after hitting submit.

  5. Just brought the blue vers. online after seeing it in Japan (and subsequently havign to drag my fiance away from staring at it in it’s case). It really is a stunning model, and SO intricate (having had a quick look through the instructions). However, being a resin kit modeller this is my first attempt at plastic – the parts already come in colour, but will I have to paint them anyway??
    It looks awesome by the way, kudos to you!!!

    • Nice snag! It’s a shame you didn’t wait a tad longer since they just announced the HMM Van’s Blade Liger AB with figures of Van, Fiona, Zeke, and a Zoids Core with Zeke wrapped around it.

      Whether or not to paint the parts is up to you. You can either completely paint them, flat coat them, or leave them bare. My Blade Liger at the moment is completely bare, but I plan on completely painting eventually. Most well done Gundam kits you see are completely painted, but take a look at my HG 00 Gundam kit here:

      I completed that just be panel lining, adding detail color, and flat coating it, so it should give you an idea of an option. Honestly, if you’ve worked with resin kits before, you’re probably completely set no matter what you decide on, just be careful since joints rubbing can cause paint to chip.

  6. hey knolly, I wish to check with you on something; will there be any leftover parts that are not used after finishing assembly?

    I just finished mine and I noticed I still have some unused parts in my sprues. is that supposed to happen?

    • Hey there,

      Yeah, there will be quite a few leftover parts after finishing the Blade Liger, because it shares a few sprues with the Shield Liger and thus has some leftover parts from it. So no worries! You probably assembled it correctly, haha.

  7. I agree with all points about this model. I recently built the new Blade Liger AB Bang Version (came out in December). It didn’t take me nearly as long I expected, but man is that thing detailed! I also love the amount of pose-ability. Have you made yours do a hand-stand yet? XD

  8. Hi, when you finished the blade liger, did you notice some leftover pieces?, sorry for my english.

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