Gundam 00 – The State of GN Drives

Warning: HUGE spoilers for Gundam 00 S2 episode 25 ahead.

This is basically a write-up examining whether certain GN Drives got destroyed at the end of the final episode of Gundam 00.


Above is the schematic of 00 Gundam’s GN Drives from the 1/100’s booklet. This is, to date, the only schematic we’ve gotten showing the assembly of a GN Drive. From this drawing we can conclude the two “crucial” parts of the GN Drive are the Solar Furnace and the TD Blanket.

A quick note on GN Drive Components: The Solar Furnace and TD Blanket’s independent functions have never been explicitly stated. It is made clear that this is a component unique to true GN Drives however, so this leaves two possibilities as for how their configuration works:
1. The Solar Furnace generates unlimited amounts of energy, and the TD Blanket converts this energy into GN Particles.
2. The Solar Furnace generates unlimited amounts of GN Particles, which the TD Blanket “filters” into GN Particles that can be used.

There were some fake spoilers out a while back stating that #2 was the case, and in my opinion, this is the far more likely of the two cases. So, when we consider that the Solar Furnace is an infinite energy source, and when we consider the fact that Topological Defects, as far as the ones that exist in reality, aren’t things you can just make, we can assume that the “unique” part of a GN Drive, and thus the irreplaceable part, consists of the TD Blanket and the Solar Furnace.

A bit of a side note: GN Tau Drives work by essentially converting regular energy into GN Particles without the aid of a TD Blanket. To use a metaphor, a Gundam is a piece of electronics running by being plugged into the wall, whereas a GN-X is one running off of rechargeable batteries.


When we saw Nadleeh’s GN Drive in episode 25 of the first season it is significantly larger than, for instance, any of 00’s. This is presumably because that pod you see there contains the Solar Furnace, TD Blanket, a number of other components, plus systems to guide the drive back to the Ptolemy/Assault Container. The last one is a certainty. After all, think about it for a moment… If the GN Drive that Tieria released didn’t have any sort of thrusters or guidance systems, what was the point? If it didn’t have any of those systems, it would just sit there with him and Nadleeh, negating the purpose of releasing it at all.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s get to the whole point of this post… The state of the GN Drives after episode 25, or rather, the state of the Solar Furnaces and TD Blankets. The only drives which we can say with certainty survived were the ones within Cherudim and Arios, given the damage that each received. Cherudim’s GN Drive sits on the back of its waist and was untouched, whereas Arios’s is in its pelvis, which remained undamaged.

So first lets cover Seraphim:

Seraphim1.jpg Seraphim2.jpg Seraphim3.jpg

There are two issues here. The first is that we don’t know how deep within Seraphim its Solar Furnace and TD Blanket are located, and thus whether or not the shot from the Reborn Cannon hit either. The second issue is we have never seen a Gundam (at least a true GN Drive Gundam) explode like this. So is just up to these two questions:

1. Did the beam hit the Solar Furnace or TD Blanket?
2. Can the Solar Furnace and TD Blanket survive an explosion like that?

I’m inclined to think that regardless of the answer to #1, the answer to #2 is no. Make your own judgements though.

On to 0 Gundam:


As you can see above, all Ribbons did was put the entire GN Drive assembly from 00 onto the 0 Gundam, thus we actually KNOW where the TD Blanket and Solar Furnace are on it.

0Gundam2.jpg 0Gundam3.jpg 0Gundam4.jpg 0Gundam5.jpg

When the 0 Gundam is stabbed, we can see the blade clearly penetrating through the back of the GN Drive assembly. Looking at the schematic at the top of this post, the 0 Gundam’s Solar Furnace and TD Blanket was almost certainly punctured. Add that to the explosion it produced, scattering GN Particles, it looks like this one is almost certainly out of the game.


Exia1.jpg Exia3.jpg Exia4.jpg Exia5.jpg

As you can see in the first picture, Exia has a different cone assembly from the 00, meaning that Setsuna had to remove the Solar Furnace and TD Blanket from the 00 and put them in the Exia. Because of this, we really can’t be sure how deep into that assembly the Solar Furnace and TD Blanket are.

When you examine how Exia was stabbed, it is uncertain if this could have hit either of the crucial components. This is the most foggy of the three, however I’m going to lean towards no mainly due to the fact that the point of entry and the point of exit (although we only get one really bad view of it) are very similar to the damage Exia suffered at the hands of the GN Flag. So assuming the mounting of the Solar Furnace and TD Blanket are the same in the Exia R2 as they were in Exia, its GN Drive’s components likely survived.

And that concludes my obsessive look at this.

A few other fun GN Drive observations/facts for the road:


It’s somewhat uncertain which suit had which drive in the final battle. We got this shot of the incomplete 00 in episode one, however when 00 launched for the first time, when Setsuna stated that 0 Gundam and Exia were with him, the GN Drives shown on screen were reversed. I’m just assuming the above picture is correct and the two pilots ended up with their original drives for the sake of symbolism and whatnot.

This is also rather important as it means there is still a chance for another Twin Drive unit, as every combination of every Gundam EXCEPT Exia didn’t work with the 0 Gundam’s GN Drive, so theoretically a Twin Drive system could be established with Exia’s GN Drive and another one of the GN Drives.


I’m not so sure what Exia was doing here, but it was sweet. The bars holding the GN Drive in place pivoted outwards and the drive actually expanded away from Exia. From the visuals, it was releasing far more particles when it did this… Perhaps it is a sort of lesser Trans-Am? Hopefully we’ll get an explanation for this later, although odds are all it really did was provide extra linear thrust.


24 Responses to “Gundam 00 – The State of GN Drives”

  1. Gundam 00 Fan Says:

    Nice analysis. I totally agree with everything you said here. I still have four things unanswered:

    – Why didn’t Setsuna activate Trans-Am during Exia’s battle with 0 Gundam?
    – By the same token, why didn’t Ribbons do the same with 0 Gundam?
    – Yet this leads to another question: How could Ribbons pass the retinal scan and got access to pilot 0 Gundam? Keep in mind that he no longer had access to Veda as Tieria had taken over Veda.
    – Did Ribbons survive in the explosion? After all, unlike the scenes of Healing and Revival, there’s no scene that actually showed the ‘last moment’ of Ribbons right before 0 Gundam exploded.

    Now that Allelujah is no longer with CBs, I wonder if they would try to build another 00 using Exia’s and Arios’ GN drives.

    • Both Ribbons and Setsuna did not activate Trans-Am because Setsuna had already activated it with that drive, in addition to 0 Gundam’s drive when he was still piloting 00 Raiser.

      Moving on to Ribbon Almark’s surivival, it might be possible since the newest trailer of Gundam 00: The Movie reveals Setsuna asking: “Ribbons Almark?!” And so, it is possible the Ribbons is still alive, or at least talks through quantum brainwaves much like what Tieria and Regene did/does.

      After mentioning Gundam 00: The Movie, it is evident that Allelujah rejoins Celestial Being and pilots Harute. Therefore, they would not be able to build another 00 with Exia’s and Arios’ GN Drives. And speaking of GN Drives, I have heard that Exia’s GN Drive has a new feature, being referred to as “GN Burst Mode”, AKA the intense GN particle output.

  2. GNKyrios Says:

    -because 00 was coming out of Trans-am so they couldnt.
    -0 gundam is not linked to Veda, plus it was a plot device

  3. Hi,
    I doubt that Exias drive was damaged.
    Why? Okay.
    You can see that the beamsaber penetrated below the cockpit (maybe 1-2m below the scratch the 0 made. Through this scrathc we could see Setzuna and the whole cockpit.)
    As long as Setzuna survived (that the did unless the shown one is a new body or such nonsense) the sabers angle must be quite low.
    As we have seen, the drives are inserted in a linear way.
    This means it must be above the lower end of the cockpit. And the saber went below it. So it should be untouched.

    Second thing is: Look at the explosion in S1 Ep25. That one was ways bigger but bot drives therent even damaged.

  4. @Gundam00 Fan
    1+2. As GNKyrios said, the 00 Raiser had just been using Trans-Am (which wasn’t even fully recharged) to fight the Reborn Gundam, so the drives likely weren’t ready to use Trans-Am again.
    3. Also as GNKyrios said, 0 Gundam is not linked to Veda. None of the season 2 Gundams were linked to Veda. The only exception is Tieria linked Seraphim to Veda in episode 24 to use the Trial Field.
    4. I’m gonna say Ribbons is dead. You’re right, there wasn’t a “last moment” scene, but I honestly think that showing that would have ruined the dramatic effect of the scene for me, which is probably why the director chose not to show it.

    I agree and doubt the Exia’s drive is damaged. It could theoretically be damaged though… If the beam saber went STRAIGHT through it from that entry point we saw, then it definitely didn’t hit the GN Drive, but if it went in at the right angle it could potentially have damaged it. I’m going with no for Exia, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

    And I certainly considered S1 Ep 25 when reaching that conclusion… After that episode I thought that in the second season they wouldn’t have Exia’s GN Drive, but I was very obviously wrong.

  5. PhantomPain Says:

    Interesting write-up
    just a little comment on the Nadleeh solar furnace
    I don’t know if it has any guiding systems or anything but it didn’t return to CB by itself.

    In the Gundam 00F manga Fon found the Nadleeh drive and took it to Fereshte.

  6. @PhantomPain

    Yeah, I was aware of that, but he didn’t find it anywhere near the Nadleeh if you remember, so it was probably going somewhere, haha. Thanks though!

  7. From my observations, the GN drives can survive quite a bit. I think that while the O Gundam’s drive may be dead, it is also possible that the internal components could have been salvaged and/or repaired. the actual drive itself is rather small when you look at it compared to the rest of the components, so all that they would need is the core. I’d have to assume that the TD blanket could be manufactured again, as it seems to be the component most likely to have taken the damage.

    From having drawn scenes like the O Gundam’s “death”, when a bade mounted like Exia’s is goes through the body, it goes in at an angle. What we saw was a clever art trick to hide that. So it is entirely possible that it has survived.

    As for the drive from Seraphim…. Who’s to say that since Tieria was using it in “remote control mode” that it wasn’t ejected automatically? Aeolia Scoenberg had the foresight to design the Gundams, you would think he would have left instructions for an self-preservation system with the specs for the all important GN-Drives.

  8. @allelujah_fan

    We can only really speculate until we are told otherwise by official sources or the movie, but with the 0 Gundam’s drive, I just kind of decided that it is the most likely drive to have bitten it. It also could be a potential angle to start the movie out on, since they would lose the Twin Drive System. I mean the end of 00 was Setsuna stating they still had something to do, and the preview of the movie is a shot of Jupiter, so maybe the “something” is get the Twin Drive running again?

    I’m afraid I don’t fully understand what you mean with Seraphim. You would presume that the GN Drive would have to be in Seraphim for it to utilize the Trial Field, and the Trial Field was still running when Seraphim was shot, so there wouldn’t have been enough time for the GN Drive to bail out. But as you said, the GN Drives are pretty damn resistant, so who knows.

  9. to the whole seraphim thing…weve never really seen a gundam explode…and if you have the model the gn drive on it is VERY small in comparison of the other gundams so its likely that the drive was not hit…this is just my opinion though and by all means prove me wrong

  10. shindy117 Says:

    ok let me clarify the TD blanket only KNOWN! function is that it gives the drives the unlimited energy. i guess u can say the the solar furnace makes the particles. The TD blanket acts as a Battery the allows the solar furnace to make a infinate amounts and it can increase the amount of particles the solar furnace makes. and plus the TD Blanket and Solar Furance may have alot of functions that the Devs wont explain: like new gundam abilities and stuff thats a good reason to make a season 3 lol. that why tau Drives are so limited.

  11. shindy117 Says:

    oh Gundam Fanboy i know why it didnt show ribbons die cause exia’s blade went in him that would be a little to bloody

  12. shindy117 Says:

    oh and one more thing they said that CB lost two GN Drives 0’s and Serapheim’s so thats that. plus a new form of the GN Drive is hinted in the new movie. i just hope they tell use a bit more about there compents so we can make sense of them cause there has to be more to it i know it. welll can’t to see GN0000- Gundam Excalibur make an appearance.

  13. how to make a real gn drive

  14. Loved the banter here so I thought I would add some things now that most people have seen the Gundam 00 movie and the special edditions.

    Seraphim or Seravee as it is some times prenounced appears in the Gundam 00 movie as part of Tieria’s Raphael Gundam… note this was a twin false GN Drive that Tieria has developed on the spaceship called ‘Celestial Being’ in secret in the unscanned area of the facility.

    As it appears Sepharim was repaired I can only assume that the original solar furnace for this Gundam was lost in the hit from the Gundam Reborn.

    One question that has been plaguing my soul is this:

    When the Gundam 00 launches for the first time in the movie.. Ms Sumeragi warns setsuna that he is using a GN Container not a drive… (Similar to Lacce piloting Gundam 0 in S2 ep 23) he then is able to activate the Raiser System??

    However I did like the aspect that was introduced in S2 Ep25 is the repairs of the Gundams… if you notice the movie briefly features Dynames R1. And the fact they repair the 00 and Sepharim was repaired.

    The question is which 2 drives were used in the Gundam 0000 Quan[T]… the Matching Drive Problem with the 00 could have been resolved with the new Drive bays that Linda has constructed at the begining of the episode. However Gundam 00 holds two drives… which were destroyed by the ELS… if you watch the begining closely there were no drives ready for the 0000 Quan[T]… where did these come from… lets debate people….

  15. P.S…. it seems the Gundam Excalibur is the nickanme given to the “Movie” version of Gundam 00… when I say Movie I mean the movie within the Movie that Saji goes to see…

  16. Hey Bory,

    First of all, Seraphim and Seravee are two different Gundams, not different pronunciations/spellings. Seravee is the large, armored, Virtue-like Gundam, and Seraphim refers specifically to the Gundam that Seravee’s backpack transforms into. Although when they seperate, the GN Drive stays with Seraphim. That’s why Tieria could repair Seravee, since Seravee was left intact aside from having its arms cut off.

    In light of the movie, it is presumed that the drives in Seraphim, Exia, and 0 Gundam were all destroyed, since otherwise presumably they’d at least stick one of the drives on 00 to allow it to function longer. The 00 Raiser with GN Condensers still has enough GN Particles to use the Raiser System, but as you notice, it runs out REALLLLLLLLLY fast, haha.

    As for the two drives in 00 Quanta, they’re both new. The opening scene before the theme song and credits depicts Ian picking up the two new drives and 00 Quanta, and they even specifically say they only had enough time to make two. Plus, when Setsuna uses the Quantum System you can see the screen labels them as GN Drive/6 and GN Drive/7.

    And I agree, the repair Gundams are cool. Dynames Repair was a nice touch of fanservice, haha.

    • Venator-X84S Says:

      Knolly, I can see your logic in thinking that Exia’s GN Drive was destroyed, but it was hit by 0 Gundam’s beam sabre. My theory is that they repaired Exia and left it with its GN Drive because it would have been easier to make two GN Drives at the same time as each other to guarantee total sync rate for the 00 Qan [T]’s twin drive system, than to try and make multiple GN Drives that might not be able to sync with Exia’s

  17. jayden lee Says:

    o gundam got exia’s gn drive and exia got o’s because exia’s was put into the left shoulder being the one that ribbons cut off and by the way i helped right gundam 00 so i should know.

  18. Gn burst mode was used by exia in the final battle, then used by the quan(t) but the used a twin gn drive for the qaun(t), and basically hahaulah or Wat ever is brought back in the movie, dynames repair saves marie and aulleuhlah, and then incase u don’t realize who the red head in the movie is, it’s the girl used to make the clone nena trinity, the original who’s in the movie is named “Mina Carmine”

  19. In the final battle with ribbons isn’t he using a gn condenser?

    • No it’s in the movie when he pilots the 00 raiser than its gn condensers because the original drives were damaged and needed huge changes for the quanta that he used gn condensers

  20. When the 3 bars open that was the GN drive burst mode built in to the Exia’s GN Drive Chassis which released a limiter on the GN drive which allowed a temporary boost of preformance, but the use of it was deemed too unstable and not recommended for use. This burst mode was created by CB engineers trying to achieve something like trans-am which Shenberg already had, but wasn’t available since they couldn’t access the trans-amx on GN drives until the system trap on Veda was activated when Shenberg was killed and he unlocked it. so you could say that it was an attempt to get trans-am

  21. FYI a TD blanket is what generates the particles from the severe amount of Topical Defects it allows the particles to be be created. So without this the Drive can’t be created to a full extent which is why Tau drives have fractional functionality. Now i would also like to point out Solar Furnace is another name for the GN Drive. The GN particles can’t be sent out until the process of baryonic decay is completed it is then sent through a series of filters for particles to be used accordingly. Due to the fact that the Topical Defects can only be found at the northern end of Jupiter it take a long time to make GN drives. As such they seal the Topical Defects in a “jar” in the GN drive with this all the other componetes are add and the Topical defects go from being in a jar to being in a confined area. It then has filter which allow particles through without risking loss of any of the TD blanket. So theoretically as long as the TD blanket is left sealed other than the fact it leaks uncompleted particles through its filters it could be re-built. The reason the particles are incomplete is BAryonic decay is completed as it travels through all the filters and mechanisms on the way out. However, if ther is so much as a crack that would allow the Topical Defects a way out then the GN drive would be considered destroyed and irreparable.


    So the series of of events damaged Exias TD blanket making it un-useable, 0 Gundam’s was stabbed straight through and therefore exploded. Finally Seraphim’s was blasted directly and subsequently exploded.

    Hope I helped.

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