OH HELLS YEAH (or Blade Liger AB and 00 Raiser Revisited)

So I finally got a new camera… This was long overdue.


(Source of the above hot as hell pic)

Samsung DSC-T900. Nomnomnom. Nice little compact 12MP shooter with a nice touchscreen that can shoot 720P video.

So I had some fun with it…

BladeLigerAB3.jpg BladeLigerAB4.jpg

More within…

BladeLigerAB5.jpg BladeLigerAB6.jpg

These were all done without any tweaking. I just turned flash off and shot the pics. But it’s astounding that just by doing that, the pics are DRASTICALLY better than any pics I could take with my old camera after fidgeting with it for 5 minutes, using manual focus, etc etc…

00RaiserNewCamera1.jpg 00RaiserNewCamera2.jpg 00RaiserNewCamera3.jpg 00RaiserNewCamera4.jpg

Just some other random pics… I’ll do nicer completed pics of the 00 Raiser and Cherudim pretty soon. Tragically I can only take two pics at a time because I THOUGHT for some reason that the camera had 4gb internal memory, but it actually has 11mb… Hm… So I’m waiting a few days until my memory stick gets here, haha. But I could not possibly be happier with this camera thus far. I’m anxious to see how nice the video is once I get a memory card so, y’know, I can actually record some, haha.


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