Completed: 1/144 HG 00 Raiser (00 Gundam + 0 Raiser)

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1/144 HG 00 Gundam
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1/144 HG 00 Raiser

– 1/144 HG 00 Gundam
– 1/144 HG 0 Raiser
– Bandai Action Base 2 (Sparkle Green Color)

Just to note, I may end up retaking pictures of this when I am in a position to set up a better lightbox and whatnot for pics, but I wanted to go ahead and get these taken since that time might not occur for several months.

About this Build:
The origins of this build, and actually the builds of all of my HG Gundam 00 kits, is rather random. The fact is I’m at college for about 8 months out of the year, and thus am away from my spray booth and all of my modeling supplies. However, I really wanted a little figure of 00 Gundam and perhaps a few other mecha to serve as what I called “desk mascots.” I did some searching and basically was between the HCM-Pro and Robot Damashii figures. There were problems with both of them…

– Very small (this wasn’t necessarily a con, but it’s worth mentioning).
– VERY slim selection. I was interested in getting at least a few more eventually, including enemy units, but the 00 HCM-Pro line only included the main Gundams.

Robot Damashii:
– Fugly.

In addition, both were rather expensive, hovering at around $30. However, I knew that the HG 00 was an absolutely excellent model kit, and it was only about $10. And thus I conceived the notion of doing a “rough build.” And buy this I mean buying an HG and detailing it up as much as I could with a few Gundam markers while I’m at school, and when I get home do any additional painting I might need with an airbrush and then cover the entire model in a flat coat. After I got and built the 00, it was such a fun side project that I ended up ordering the rest of the second season Celestial Being team (to date), and plan on getting a few more in the future.

So, to summarize, MOST of the work on this was done only with the following:
– Hobby Knife
Despruing Tweezers
– Gundam Markers
– Pigma Micron Pens (for panel lines)
– Cotton Swabs (for cleanup of panel lines)

For those that are curious, my current collection of Gundam Markers is Gray, Yellow, Metallic Silver, Metallic Green, and Metallic Red.

So with all of that out of the way, let’s move on to the actual model… Unless otherwise stated, all painting was done with a Gundam Marker.

00RaiserCom02.jpg 00RaiserCom03.jpg

The yellow on the V-fin done by Gundam Marker. The gray faceguard are as well. The red jewel on the forehead comes clear, so the current look was achieved by painting the inner side metallic red.

The eyes were painted with the following process:

1. Paint over the entire eye area with metallic green.
2. Allow to dry.
3. Color in the remaining area with a technical pen.

The GN Condensers on the side of the head had the insides painted metallic green to achieve a nice “jewel” effect.

00RaiserCom04.jpg 00RaiserCom05.jpg

The GN Drives were rather tricky to paint… From a previous blog post, the process was this:

1. Put metallic green Gundam Marker in hole and press down for awhile, this lets paint flow down into the bottom where the marker can’t reach.
2. Color in the rest of the hole.
3. Repeat 1 and 2 for each hole.
4. Use marker to color entire ring. This is pretty much impossible to do perfectly so I just was messy and made sure to cover it as thoroughly as I could.
5. Sand the entire drive with sand paper evenly, so it gets rid of the excess paint on the ring and leaves an even look around the whole drive.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was originally planning on redesigning and 3D printing new GN Drives for the 00 with more detail (thrusters and such), but this plan was dropped since the 0 Raiser clips into one of the holes in the GN Drives.

The GN Condensers on the arms and legs were painted in the same was as those on the head, which is that they had the inside painted with metallic green, giving them an overall nice jewel-like effect.


Close up of the backpack, with the painted-in metallic green boosters.


The targeting sensors on the GN Sword II’s gave me a massive amount of trouble… The blue and gray parts are molded as one clear piece. The trouble was originally I didn’t have any clear blue paint, and thus went with it being opaque, which really isn’t the end of the world, but I should have just been patient and went out and bought some. The main trouble however was painting them.

It is hard to see, but the grey part actually has two a very small notch all of the sides, making is seem like there SHOULD be a notch of blue in it. So I toiled quite a while at it, painting, stripping, and repainting it, but couldn’t get it perfect. Then I discovered that the notch is actually supposed to be grey as well, meaning to mask it off it is just a straight line, and my life became infinitely easier… Thus it was actually painting by airbrushing the entire thing blue and then airbrushing the gray on top of it.


The unquestionable test of a model kit’s quality is whether or not it can kneel.

…that was sarcasm. If that statement made you rage than congrats, you’re a modeler, ha.

Other minor notes are that the gray stripes on the legs are gray Gundam marker and the black filled in areas on the arms are just technical pen.

Before moving on to some action pose, I’d like to summarize the things that are NOT Gundam Marker or the other basic things I listed above:
– The targeting sensors on the GN Sword IIs (airbrush).
– The gray underside of the GN Drives (airbrush).
– All of the GN Condensers on the arms, legs, and head, as well as the eyes were given a coat of Future to add a bit of extra shine and luster to them.
– The flat coat, obviously (Mr. Top Coat – Flat).

00RaiserCom08.jpg 00RaiserCom09.jpg 00RaiserCom10.jpg 00RaiserCom11.jpg 00RaiserCom12.jpg 00RaiserCom13.jpg 00RaiserCom14.jpg 00RaiserCom15.jpg 00RaiserCom16.jpg

And now the 0 Raiser:

00RaiserCom17.jpg 00RaiserCom18.jpg 00RaiserCom19.jpg 00RaiserCom20.jpg 00RaiserCom21.jpg

A rather simple kit, and thus without a whole lot of work to be done. The work that was required was:
– A number of gray striped, especially on the bottom, were painted with a Gundam Marker.
– The inside of the sensor unit (orange area) was covered painted in metallic gray. By the I mean the parts on the white plastic were painted, since painting the orange piece would make it impossible to see the detail in these plastic parts.
– The white area on the blue piece sticking out of the very back of the 0 Raiser was painted with an airbrush.

My conclusion on the two kits is that I am very very pleased with the result. I made some mistakes that I’m aware of, some of which I’ve fixed at this point (missing panel lines on one of 00’s feet), and the other ones I’m aware are just mainly areas of painting that aren’t as clean as they could be, such as the aforementioned tail piece of the 0 Raiser, which was rather difficult to paint simply since there are no panel lines of any sort to guide your masking.

However, despite the errors, I’m very pleased. As I said, this was meant to be a fun distraction, not a giant time sink and intense project (I have enough of those already), and it served its purpose very well. Now for a bit of 00 Raiser action…


0 Raiser, Docking Mode!!!

00RaiserCom24.jpg 00RaiserCom25.jpg 00RaiserCom26.jpg 00RaiserCom27.jpg 00RaiserCom28.jpg 00RaiserCom29.jpg 00RaiserCom30.jpg 00RaiserCom31.jpg 00RaiserCom32.jpg 00RaiserCom33.jpg 00RaiserCom34.jpg 00RaiserCom35.jpg 00RaiserCom36.jpg 00RaiserCom37.jpg

And that concludes the 00 Gundam, 0 Raiser, and 00 Raiser. Cherudim will be up next since it’s the only other Gundam that is currently also top coated and completed, but we’ll see where I go from there.


13 Responses to “Completed: 1/144 HG 00 Raiser (00 Gundam + 0 Raiser)”

  1. Wandering Weezard Says:

    Looks awesome. I didn’t realize that the Gundam models had attachments like the 0 Raiser that could be done. Those were two separate kits that you combined, right?

    Like I said, looks great. I didn’t realize that so much detail and thought could be put into the kits. I had no idea about the markers.

  2. @WW:
    Thanks! And yeah, I bought the 00 and 0 Raiser separately. They actually are available as a bundle kit in slightly different colors:

    There’s some comparison pics on that page. They’re called “Designer’s Colors” because that was the coloring the initial design of the 00 Raiser before it was cleaned up for the anime.

    Later this month there’s also a Trans-Am colored 00 Raiser HG kit being released that includes the GN Sword III.

  3. Wandering Weezard Says:

    How did you know that the raiser kit would attach to that Gundam? Do they specifically say they will on the box? Also, I was curious about the action-bases. Do certain bases only go with certain models? Do you just need to make sure you purchase a base for the same scale?

  4. @WW:
    In Gundam 00, the 0 Raiser is a unit specifically there to combine with the 00 Gundam, so it does say on the box that they combine, but that is specifically why. The 00 is the only kit that the 0 Raiser can combine with.

    As for action bases, most modern kits (Seed Destiny and newer) either come with a attachment specifically made for them to connect to the Action Base, or they have a polycap that can be exposed to connect to the Action Bases. The bases come with a number of different sized adapters to connect between the legs of kits that don’t have the polycap or whatnot.

    There are two Action Bases that come in a lot ‘o colors:
    Action Base 1: Large and good for 1/100 kits.
    Action Base 2: Smaller and good for 1/144 kits.
    The Zeon, Federation, and Celestial Being bases all use the same support as Action Base 1, just with a different base, thus they are for 1/100 kits as well.

  5. I really liked this post! In fact, I copied your pictures when I was painting the panel lines for my 00 Raiser Designer’s Color edition.

    It looks fantastic now :3

    • Glad to hear! I’ve been meaning to retake pictures of my HG 00 kits with my lightbox. Plus my 00 Raiser has since gotten a GN Sword III. :D

      Post some pics of your 00 Raiser if you got ’em!

      • Kingofecto Says:

        Does a 0 Raiser that is sold separately come with a GN Sword? and if not how can I get one? I currently only have the 00 Gundam 1/100 scale

      • If you mean the GN Sword III, the only way to get it in 1/100 scale is to buy the 00 Raiser Designer’s Color Version. Unfortunately there’s no way to just get the sword…

  6. Very nice. I’m not really a Gundam modeler myself (I’m a ZOID person), but the 00 Raiser is one of those that I’m tempted to attempt. XD

    The kneeling thing made me laugh, actually. Zoids can’t really kneel, but all of the four-legged Kotobukiyas can do hand-stands. And that means with just the front feet, no head. XD

  7. Hey, I was reading you review, and I am about to build my first Gunpla soon(yayy) and I am set on doing the HG 1/144.

    With what you did on coloring the GN drives–do you advise me putting masking tape on the GN drive where I don’t want the paint to get on prior to actually doing the painting? I’m thinking of painting them the way you did(with Gundam markers), but I want a clean look without having the need to sand anything.

    • Yeah, you can definitely mask it off and do it that way. If you get some high grit sandpaper you won’t be able to tell that it was sanded at all though, so to each his own. If you do decide to mask it, let me know how it turns out!

  8. Your article is totall awesome and you have done some slick paint job there.
    And, I just got my HG Gundam 00-54 ( 00 Raiser+GN Sword III). Before proceeding to start with the assembly, could you help me out on a couple of things:
    1. Does sanding give the Gundam a more matte look? Coz when I saw the parts they all gave a plastic look to them. Your Gundam has a more matte effect.
    2. You have used a coat of Future. Could you tell me what it is? I’m total noob when it comes to these things.
    3. I’ve got the fine tip Gundam Markers. Is it the same as your Sakura ones? And can these be used for panel lines?
    4. Do I start doing the panel lines during the assembly itself or after the whole build up is finished.

    Sorry for so many questions, but since this is the first time I’m building a Gundam, I’m not very clear as to what to do and the whole thing looks kinda intense! So, as and when the building progresses I would be asking some questions here and there, if you dont mind…. :) …….. Ultimately I want to get my Gundam as awesome looking as yours!

    • I think I may be able to help you out with a few of your questions.

      1. Sanding the model will NOT give it that smooth, matte effect that you’re looking for. It will only give it a rough-ish look. To achieve a matte effect, use a flattener, or in other words, a matte-clear coat. Then seal it.

      2. Not too sure, sounds like a matte finish, in other words…GOOGLE.

      3. Can’t answer this for him, but I can say, that if they are ultra-fine, and can “fit” within the panel lines, you’re safe (cleanup for the lines can be necessary).

      4. Your choice! It’s easier doing it part by part, especially the smaller parts (aka. faceplate). Though I finish the panel lines after the modle is complete. Gives me more of a perspective of [i]where[/i] I want them.

      Hoped that helped a bit, though my input isn’t near as good as what you could receive from others, it’ll get you started.

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