So there’s been an obvious lack of progress on pretty much everything…

I’ve been studying in London for the last six weeks and head back on Friday.  I can’t say I’m all that excited to head back, since I love it here, but all good things must come to an end, right?

So I wrote up in a rather unnecessarily large amount of detail what I have to do when I get back, so I figured I’d convert it into a post.

So, when I get home I’ll be keeping myself busy as I have the HG Trans-Am Raiser, 0 Gundam, Exia R2, and Susanowo to keep me company. The Arche was supposed to be included but they accidentally sent the GN Archer apparently (><), but they’ll hopefully include it with my MG Exia next month (just realized about the problem so I’m yet to hear back from R10).

So basically I have to finish up:
– HG Seravee – Minor detailing and flat coat.
– HG Seraphim – Minor detailing and flat coat.
– HG Arios – Minor detailing, painting all of the orange, and flat coat.
– HG GN Archer – Minor detailing and flat coat.

Then will also have:
– HG Trans-Am Raiser – Unsure of what I’ll do with this. See below…
– HG 0 Gundam – Snap, detail, and flat coat.
– HG Exia R2 – Snap, detail, and flat coat.
– HG Susanowo – See below…
– HG Arche Gundam (Eventually, ha) – Snap, detail, and flat coat.

Trans-Am Raiser

I’m somewhat split for this one. I’m between two options:
Detail it, gloss the hell out of it, and leave it Trans-Am mode.
Rip the GN Sword III away, repaint it, and give it to my 00 Raiser, then repaint the entire Gundam with a custom paint scheme and slap the XN Raiser on it when it comes out.

I’m certainly leaning towards #2…


I won’t be sure until I snap the figure together in the next week or so (for obvious reasons), but some thoughts of mine:
Lengthen the legs – We all know that the proportions on the HG Susanowo look a tad off, so this will be one of the first things, unless…
2. Reshape/Redo the connection point for the hip thrusters – I’m convinced that part of the thing that is throwing off the proportions of the Susanowo is that the thrusters/claws/beam focusers (damn those things do a lot) on the waist connect in such a way that they can’t fit snugly up against the waist as they should. Pic for thought:


Perhaps you agree, perhaps not, but to me, it seems like a huge chunk of what’s throwing of the sleekness of it all is that those things aren’t on the hips, but are instead next to them. So readjusting those is actually the first thing I’ll do, since it may render #1 unnecessary, but we’ll see. Odds are this mod will remove the ability to swivel them backwards, but I hardly consider it a sacrifice.
3. Convert it to Masurao – This is just an idea I’m playing with, since I rather liked the Masurao’s color scheme and hugeass beam sabers (which shouldn’t be all that tricky to whip up with clear plaplate), but I think we can say with pretty much 100% certainty that they’ll release an HG Masurao eventually (Plus Trans-Am coloring of it and the Susanowo, because Bandai is Bandai), so odds are I won’t. The basic idea came about because of…
4. General slimming down – Aside from the hips I also will probably adjust the shoulders and torso, and in the process will probably completely remove all parts of the cannon gimmick.
5. Detail and paint when all is said and done. So this’ll actually be the first HG 00 kit that I’ll completely paint (Arios is going to get all of its orange painted, but that’s still only like 1/3 of the paint scheme).

MG Exia

And then we have MG Exia Ignition Mode. Woot. Odds are this is going to be a panel-line plus flatcoat for me too. I really wish I could give the whole kit a good paint job and all, I just don’t have time as I’m still struggling with painting/finishing modding my MG Unicorn, ha. Plus I only have like a one month gap in which I can use my spraybooth… Such is life.

Bunches ‘o Other Stuff

And then along those same lines, I have of course the eternal WIPs of MG Unicorn, MG Sinanju, and the HMM Blade Liger AB. I really want to make a strong push to finish the MG Unicorn for the sake of it being in progress for far too long… The Sinanju is questionable since I messed up some of the armor parts while experimenting with paint and am waiting to hear back on a parts request from HLJ. The Blade Liger… Well that’s just at the end of the list, so let’s now even pretend like I’m actually going to get around to it.

…so speaking of Graham Specials.

The 1/100 GN Flag is still very much kicking around in my head, I’ve just been without time/CAD software all summer. I’m hoping this fall when I get back to school I’ll have a bit more free time that I can commit to working on it. My ultimate, idealistic, far-out-there goal is the be able to have a final product that is actually pretty damn good, and recast it into a kit, but that’s neither here nor now.

Anyhow, that’s what’s on my plate.  Or part of it at least.

I have decided that the following could be used to describe me as a modeler (and to some degree, as a person):
– Ambitious.
– Decently Skilled.
– Good at Formulating Ideas.
– Loves the Hobby.
– Lazy.
– Busy.
– Lazy.
– Like to play with formatting on his blog posts.
– Lazy.
– Why even act like busy is part of it?  Just really.  Fucking.  Lazy.


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