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MG Exia Review – Part 6: Legs

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 31, 2009 by Knolly


MGExiaRev69.jpg MGExiaRev70.jpg MGExiaRev71.jpg

The foot has a rather ridiculous amount of joints in it that allow for a pretty impressive amount of movement given its design. I rather like it’s subtle side-to-side pivot.

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MG Exia Review – Part 5: Waist

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 31, 2009 by Knolly


MGExiaRev60.jpg MGExiaRev61.jpg

Not a whole lot to say here other than everything is just very clean and sharp. The grey pieces on the front skirt armor are the same piece as the under-armor detail on the skirt armor’s rear, which I couldn’t help but think was pretty clever.

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MG Exia Review – Part 4: Arms

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 31, 2009 by Knolly


MGExiaRev41.jpg MGExiaRev42.jpg

The GN Condensers in the arms are actually two clear pieces. Below the transparent green piece is a clear piece, which really aids it having a lens-like look. The picture on the left is the arm assembled with just the green piece, whereas the right shows it assembled with both pieces.

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MG Exia Review – Part 3: Head

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 31, 2009 by Knolly

Nice and short part this time around…



Okay. Wow. This is an absolutely amazing head to have built out of the box. The attention to detail and part separation is somewhat absurd.

MGExiaRev34.jpg MGExiaRev35.jpg MGExiaRev36.jpg MGExiaRev37.jpg

Everything on the Exia’s mean face just reeks of sharpness.

MGExiaRev38.jpg MGExiaRev39.jpg

Also to note is that there are of course GN stripes on the head as well. The effect created by them being semi-transparent is quite nice.

Arms are next up!

Update: I noticed later that there is also laser etching on the green parts on the side of the head. Very subtle but hot damn it’s nice.

MG Exia Review – Part 2: GN Drive & Torso

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 31, 2009 by Knolly

GN Drive

As I mentioned, some of the chrome parts are on the inside of the GN Drive to aid in light reflection.

MGExiaRev08.jpg MGExiaRev09.jpg

With the flywheel, as shown above, you get one of the problems that occur with chrome parts, which is the nubs from taking them off of the tree. I just fixed this one up by a quick dab with a silver marker.

MGExiaRev10.jpg MGExiaRev11.jpg

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MG Exia Review – Part 1: Formal Introduction & Pre-Build

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 30, 2009 by Knolly

Master Grade Gundam Exia Ignition Mode


I’m playing around with a new format for model reviews for this… My Sinanju review was popular far beyond anything I expected, so I wanted to make this one as up to snuff as I can. Reviews will be separated into various sections (obviously) that I’ll post as I go along, and I hope to have the entire thing done within a day or two. I won’t be doing reviews all that often as I only will do them for significant kits I get, such as MGs, and I just don’t get that many of them, but I’d like to help out people when I can.

A question I would like to pose is this: Would you be interested in me putting up a separate gallery of hi-res pictures? They would be the pictures you see here, just significantly larger, as the ones I post are downsized from my 12 megapixel camera (which has a focus that doesn’t suck, so rejoice if you got frustrated with the Sinanju’s pictures). Anyhow, let’s begin, shall we?

The MG Exia is something I’ve been anticipating since it looked hella nice to me, and I didn’t have a 1/100 Exia kit. The details in all of the pictures I had seen looked excellent, so I was pretty eager to get it and snap it together. I elected for the Ignition Mode due to the initial pricing (more on this below) made it pretty not a huge leap from the normal edition, plus I’m a sucker for gimmicks… Included in the Ignition Mode over the regular mode is two LEDs to light up the front and back of the GN Drive, parts to convert the Exia to Exia Repair (as seen in Gundam 00 episode one of season two), and some of the parts, such as the GN Sword and GN Blades, have been chrome plated.

A question I’m sure plenty of people are wondering is whether this is really worth it over the non-grade 1/100 Exia that was released almost two years ago, which I’ll answer to the best of my ability without having the 1/100 Exia myself. This review can be looked at quite effectively as a review of the standard MG Exia, as the vast majority of the review applies to the standard MG as well as Ignition Mode.

Let’s take another look at the boxart:


There are two tragedies about this thing’s box art:

  1. I don’t have a scanner big enough for it.
  2. That “Premium Price” thing you see is NOT a sticker.

These are both sad because the box is fucking awesome, and I don’t think you can really deny that… The premium price bit on the box is because the initial release of this kit costs 5000 yen, after which it will be 6500 yen. Also, a fun fact is that the green text on the bottom is printed with a reflective/metallic finish.

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MG Exia Review – Introduction: Rant and Awe

Posted in MG Gundam Exia on July 30, 2009 by Knolly

The postman bore gifts today!


This was actually quite surprising, since I used AIR shipping (usually 1-2 weeks) and these shipped on the 24th, which means they got here in 4 business days. Woot.

The stand is for the Exia, and the Arche was due to an error in my last order, as RainbowTen accidentally sent me a GN Archer rather than an Arche Gundam, but they sent the Arche for free and let me keep the Archer, so all is well.

Just a side note for anyone who has an Exia Ignition Mode on order, order you batteries NOW. I received this and took a trip out to CVS to get the batteries it requires (LR41/Energizer 392). CVS was out of them, but they were $5 EACH. I meandered down to Walgreens, who actually had them in stock, but again, $5 each. I hopped onto my phone and did a quick check… You can get a 10 pack on Amazon for $1.55.

So in the end, I don’t have batteries for the LEDs yet, but I ordered 10 of them (you need 4 to power both LEDs) for a total of $6.34, which is about what I’d pay when you include tax for just one of them at my horrendously markup-happy drug stores.

Anyhow, review of MG Exia is forthcoming. I’ll start putting him together tonight, and luckily I have my new camera now, so the pics will be a lot better than my Sinanju buildup!