1/144 HG Susanowo: Work in Progress – Starting Out

The other day I received my HG Susanowo, as well as a few other models, but the Susanowo is the only one that I think I’ll end up doing modding of any real degree to. The main purpose is to fix the fact that the HG looks fugly as hell.

The proportions are just mixed up… Below is a comparison shot I whipped up a while back to show how the HG loses the sleekness of the design that the show had.


I’ve basically decided the two main areas that need adjustment are the hips, as the thruster things are just mounted far too wide, and the torso. The torso is just seems to short and fat, so I’m not positive how I’ll go about modding it, but we’ll see.

Susanowo1.jpg Susanowo2.jpg

Just some quick shots of the kit… My apologies for the cluttered background, but I just wanted to communicate the problem of the hip mounts quickly.


This is what it looks like after I’ve begun work. The left hip (viewer’s right) is approximately how the finish product will look like in terms of how it’s mounted. I’ll try to get a far better pic once all of the glue and whatnot has dried…


5 Responses to “1/144 HG Susanowo: Work in Progress – Starting Out”

  1. Nomake Wan Says:

    You do know that you used Masurao, a completely different MS entirely, as your comparison… right? The Masurao was a much thinner, sleeker design than Susanowo, due to the fact that NotGraham requested it merely have the greatest speed and the greatest sword. Therefore, it had only TRANSAM and a beam katana.

    Susanowo is the mobile suit from the very end of 00 season 2, the one with the chest beam cannon and hip-mounted claws and all that jazz. Much bulkier than Masurao was.

    So yeah. I’d give a comparison shot of Susanowo but I’m not at home so I don’t have access to my episodes. It’s towards the end of the series though.

    In any event, best of luck with the project! Will you be trying to convert the Susanowo into Masurao, then?

  2. While the Susanowo has more bulkier parts like the shoulders, they still both share the same torso construction, which is much shorter on the model than what we’ve been led to believe.

  3. Many thanks for posting the lineart for me Derringer.

    As you can see from the lineart, the Susanowo is just a customized Masurao. I used it in the comparison pic just since it was the best full body shot of either suit I could find.

    Over the Masurao, the Susanowo adds a number of small adjustments very similar from the transition of Overflag to the GN Flag (in fact, I’m nearly positive the resemblance was meant to be seen, with the added plug on the shoulder, etc), but the overall proportions are exactly the same other than added spikes here and there, the engine on the back, and the added racks to move the hip armor.

    I’ve decided to keep this as just the Susanowo and see what I can do in terms of adjustments to make it sleeker. I’m currently a bit conflicted as I’m not sure whether or not I chose the right place to add the joint for the hip armor, but we’ll see how it goes…

    I personally like the Masurao a bit better in certain ways, but I’m positive Bandai will come out with a kit of it later, and I’m just a bit too lazy to go through the headache of creating giant beam katana blades, haha. Many thanks for the input though.

  4. Nomake Wan Says:

    Not a problem, I was just curious as to why Masurao had been used as reference. I also wonder about Derringer’s comment, as the torso cannot possibly be the same between Masurao and Susanowo since the Masurao lacks the cannon concealed in the Susanowo’s chest.

    I personally agree with you, however; I too liked Masurao better, and was depressed when they were going to release a Robot Damashii and not an HG kit. It’s like GN Flag all over again. I did end up getting that Damashii though, I couldn’t wait for a kit (and I’m not skilled enough yet to scratch-build a GN Flag from the Overflag kit I have). We’ll see what happens with Masurao.

    I suppose my greatest sadness was that the manual for the HG Susanowo makes no mention of the technical aspects of its Transam system, information I wanted ever since the first time Masurao did it. Sigh.

    Best of luck!

  5. @Nomake

    What Derringer and I both mean is that if you look at the lineart, the torso is physically the same from the outside at least. The size of the torso didn’t change between the Masurao and Susanowo, although you’re right, the internals obviously did.

    Thanks for the best wishes on luck, I’ll need it, if for not nothing else than making myself not be all that lazy and finishing something for once.

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