MG Unicorn and Sinanju: WIP – Thoughts and Awesome Conversion Kits

So I finally can take another wack at my MG Sinanju because my replacement parts arrived the other day. Basically… I more or less destroyed some of the black parts on the Sinanju, mainly the shield, while experimenting with how to paint the gold trim. Oops.

Meanwhile, I have my eternally-in-progress Unicorn. Neograde is preparing to release some option parts that include two sets of gatlings and parts to convert the head into Unicorn Unit 2 Banshee that looks absolutely awesome.

1248331833_1.jpg 1248331833_2.jpg 1248331833_3.jpg 1248331833_4.jpg 1248331833_5.jpg 1248331833_6.jpg

These were sculpted by 08team PIA, the same person who did Neograde’s excellent Kshatriya. Now I’m VERY tempted to spring on this when it gets released next month and then just make my current Unicorn into the Banshee, but the problem of course, is that you know as soon as I do this, Bandai will release an MG Banshee with some special goodies of some sort… The only thing that comforts me is that I can’t possibly think of what it could include that I’d want, so odds are life will go on, haha (UNLESS they modify the legs…).

Ultimately, it depends on what the price off these parts are, but I’m nearly certain that I’m sold and my Unicorn will be becoming a Banshee, and then when I get a chance I’ll get another Unicorn, mod the legs again, and paint it up nice ‘n pretty.

So I’m off to give the Sinanju a second go. Wish me luck.


6 Responses to “MG Unicorn and Sinanju: WIP – Thoughts and Awesome Conversion Kits”

  1. Awesome! two gattlings? but it’s gonna cost alot, no?

  2. @AstrayP03

    I probably wouldn’t use either of the gatlings for the Banshee… I already have two sets of the official Gatlings, one of which will be in use by my Sinanju, so I think I might use the other three to potentially make the Full Armor Unicorn.

    As for the price… We’ll have to see. I would THINK it would be under $100 since it’s far from being a full conversion kit. If it’s $50 or under I’ll snap it up in an instant.

  3. I missed out on the official Gattling and the bazooka T^T so maybe hoping to get this XD

  4. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on that Banshee mod, i’m a fan of the way the horn looks. Good luck!

  5. butters149 Says:


    Where did u get the sinanju replacement parts?

    • I ordered them from They can order replacement parts by the runner. It can be quite expensive and take a long time as well. The one runner of black parts from Sinanju took three months to get and cost $28 shipped.

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