MG Exia Review – Introduction: Rant and Awe

The postman bore gifts today!


This was actually quite surprising, since I used AIR shipping (usually 1-2 weeks) and these shipped on the 24th, which means they got here in 4 business days. Woot.

The stand is for the Exia, and the Arche was due to an error in my last order, as RainbowTen accidentally sent me a GN Archer rather than an Arche Gundam, but they sent the Arche for free and let me keep the Archer, so all is well.

Just a side note for anyone who has an Exia Ignition Mode on order, order you batteries NOW. I received this and took a trip out to CVS to get the batteries it requires (LR41/Energizer 392). CVS was out of them, but they were $5 EACH. I meandered down to Walgreens, who actually had them in stock, but again, $5 each. I hopped onto my phone and did a quick check… You can get a 10 pack on Amazon for $1.55.

So in the end, I don’t have batteries for the LEDs yet, but I ordered 10 of them (you need 4 to power both LEDs) for a total of $6.34, which is about what I’d pay when you include tax for just one of them at my horrendously markup-happy drug stores.

Anyhow, review of MG Exia is forthcoming. I’ll start putting him together tonight, and luckily I have my new camera now, so the pics will be a lot better than my Sinanju buildup!


One Response to “MG Exia Review – Introduction: Rant and Awe”

  1. Yeah, Rainbow Ten is great, i got my Exia ignition mode on the 28th.

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