MG Exia Review – Part 2: GN Drive & Torso

GN Drive

As I mentioned, some of the chrome parts are on the inside of the GN Drive to aid in light reflection.

MGExiaRev08.jpg MGExiaRev09.jpg

With the flywheel, as shown above, you get one of the problems that occur with chrome parts, which is the nubs from taking them off of the tree. I just fixed this one up by a quick dab with a silver marker.

MGExiaRev10.jpg MGExiaRev11.jpg

The GN Drive completed. The drive looks exactly the same on non-Ignition mode kits aside from the chrome bits, as the LED units are enclosed inside it. Unfortunately I’m still waiting out on the batteries for my LEDs…

MGExiaRev12.jpg MGExiaRev13.jpg MGExiaRev14.jpg

The clear GN Drive stand included is actually just a single rather large piece. The last two pics above show how you can adjust how far out of the drive the cone sticks.

MGExiaRev15.jpg MGExiaRev16.jpg MGExiaRev17.jpg MGExiaRev18.jpg

The GN strips material comes with a plastic sheet protecting one side of it. The third picture shows the reverse side of the sheet. It is rather subtle, but there is a special coating on only one side of it, hence the protective plastic. The manual actually mentions this and specifies which direction the coating should be pointed in. The fourth picture is another shot of the more reflective side in an attempt to show how the light reflects off of it. It’s rather neat stuff, to be honest.


MGExiaRev19.jpg MGExiaRev20.jpg

Sup Setsuna? Looks like you’re missing some feet there…

MGExiaRev21.jpg MGExiaRev22.jpg MGExiaRev23.jpg MGExiaRev24.jpg

The MG comes with a bright red cap to slap on Exia’s back if you remove the GN Drive. I can’t help but feel like red was pretty much the loudest color they could have picked for this… The second pic shows that with the working GN Drive brackets you can essentially recreate the Burst Mode used by Exia R2. The last two pictures again show the ability to adjust how far out the cone sticks.


The main chest GN Condenser has Exia’s model number and Celestial Being (as well as some other text that I can’t read) laser etched onto it, and it looks fantastic. nomnom.

MGExiaRev26.jpg MGExiaRev27.jpg MGExiaRev28.jpg MGExiaRev29.jpg

Once assembled, the chest can tilt side to side by a few degrees. The effect on the GN stripes on the side is shown as well.


This is just an example of the excellent part separation in this MG. Those 10 pieces are what make the two vents on Exia’s chest as well as their connections on the shoulders.

MGExiaRev31.jpg MGExiaRev32.jpg

The completed Torso and the various joints that those vents have. I must say, the chest vents look DAMN sharp compared to the 1/100 non-grade.

The next section will cover just the head. I’m actually behind on the writeups as I’ve completed the head and arms at this point, so I’m going to take a break from building and just get as much of the review up as soon as possible.


One Response to “MG Exia Review – Part 2: GN Drive & Torso”

  1. Of all part of Exia, I really love his Torso, too bad 00 doesn’t have the same design.

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