MG Exia Review – Part 3: Head

Nice and short part this time around…



Okay. Wow. This is an absolutely amazing head to have built out of the box. The attention to detail and part separation is somewhat absurd.

MGExiaRev34.jpg MGExiaRev35.jpg MGExiaRev36.jpg MGExiaRev37.jpg

Everything on the Exia’s mean face just reeks of sharpness.

MGExiaRev38.jpg MGExiaRev39.jpg

Also to note is that there are of course GN stripes on the head as well. The effect created by them being semi-transparent is quite nice.

Arms are next up!

Update: I noticed later that there is also laser etching on the green parts on the side of the head. Very subtle but hot damn it’s nice.


2 Responses to “MG Exia Review – Part 3: Head”

  1. 1st of all, ur blog is awsome. i like it bcause im a noob to MG series assembly.
    and that is why, i cant get my Exia head to be gr8ly assembled like urs.
    Hahaha… but for all, its been fun being able to assembly it.

  2. wow,how did u manage to snap the head part tightly?mine has gaps between the middle part and the side parts, i tried sanding and stuff but didn’t fact i broke the side part trying to push them tight T_T

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