MG Exia Review – Part 4: Arms


MGExiaRev41.jpg MGExiaRev42.jpg

The GN Condensers in the arms are actually two clear pieces. Below the transparent green piece is a clear piece, which really aids it having a lens-like look. The picture on the left is the arm assembled with just the green piece, whereas the right shows it assembled with both pieces.


Now we’re gettin’ down to it. I just wanted to reaffirm how much I like this material for the strips in comparison to having them just being a solid color. Wow.

MGExiaRev44.jpg MGExiaRev45.jpg MGExiaRev46.jpg

Final assembly of the upper body. The various panels created by the gaps in the shoulders are veeery nice.

MGExiaRev47.jpg MGExiaRev48.jpg

The beam saber mounts on the rear of the shoulders have a nice range of motion, but even with that…

MGExiaRev49.jpg MGExiaRev53.jpg MGExiaRev58.jpg MGExiaRev59.jpg

It can still be a bit of a struggle for Exia to actually be able to reach them… After a large amount of fiddling I was finally able to achieve it as shown in the last two pics. To be fair, this is a wicked hard pose to get ANY model into, so the fact that it is possible is quite impressive, even though it’s difficult.

MGExiaRev50.jpg MGExiaRev51.jpg MGExiaRev52.jpg

The glory of the transparent GN strips at work… Seeing the internals in motion is a very nice touch.

MGExiaRev54.jpg MGExiaRev55.jpg MGExiaRev56.jpg MGExiaRev57.jpg

Now, one gripe I have noticed… In the first pic above, I am showing the limit of Exia’s arms’ motion, because they hit the white piece on the upper arm. However, if you exert a tiny amount of force, you can get them to the position shown in the second pic, but this pops up the white arm piece. The effect is shown in the third and fourth pic, showing the forearm cap before and after putting force on it, respectively. This just seems like a bit of bad design to me that could have been rather easily avoided by adjusting either part.

So the upper body is all finished up… I’ll be moving on to the waist soon, even though the manual dictates the legs are next, since I have the need to be able to piece together my model as I build it…


2 Responses to “MG Exia Review – Part 4: Arms”

  1. The arm construction is essentially identical to the normal 1/100 release. I think the gray joint for the bicep is even shaped the same

  2. The clearcondenser lens set has an alternative use; you use that if you plan to use the foil stickers.

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