MG Exia Review – Part 5: Waist


MGExiaRev60.jpg MGExiaRev61.jpg

Not a whole lot to say here other than everything is just very clean and sharp. The grey pieces on the front skirt armor are the same piece as the under-armor detail on the skirt armor’s rear, which I couldn’t help but think was pretty clever.

MGExiaRev62.jpg MGExiaRev63.jpg

The skirt armor has some joints to let it get up and out of the way of the legs if need be.


All the articulation you’d expect of the beam saber holsters is here, plus the armor they sit on is individually articulated as well.


The joint where the legs go in allows them to slide up and down, with up as the “normal” position. More on this in the section on legs.

MGExiaRev66.jpg MGExiaRev67.jpg MGExiaRev68.jpg

The assembly thus far as well as some shots of the bendability at the waist. Because the waist joint is a ball joint rather than a peg joint, it allows a fair bit of movement.

Next up are the legs…


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  1. i have some problem to fit this gundam exia MG 1/100. can help me? please email me after read this message

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