MG Exia Review – Part 6: Legs


MGExiaRev69.jpg MGExiaRev70.jpg MGExiaRev71.jpg

The foot has a rather ridiculous amount of joints in it that allow for a pretty impressive amount of movement given its design. I rather like it’s subtle side-to-side pivot.


Again with the laser-etched parts, and again, they’re looking fucking fantastic.

MGExiaRev73.jpg MGExiaRev74.jpg

The leg poseability is quite good. The little gray piece is built in to function as a little stand for when the Exia kneels. Quite clever.


And now for some completed pics in front of a shoddily made background because I’m yet to build a lightbox!!!

When put together, I can’t help but think this thing looks amazing. The proportions and sharpness of everything makes it look like a fuckin’ tank. Except with legs. And instead of cannons it has swords. Lots of them.

MGExiaRev76.jpg MGExiaRev77.jpg

As I mentioned in the waist section, there are two built in options to increase how far up the leg can bend. The picture on the left shows the limit in the “default” configuration. The pic on the right has the front skirt pivoted up and the leg’s slot moved into the down position.


Boom! Just another shot against the poorly made background. I’m going to throw together a lightbox on the cheap for my Overall Impressions section, so things will hopefully get quite a bit better than this, haha.

Next up is the weapons, which let’s be honest, is why we’re here.


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