MG Exia Review – Part 7: Weapons


Yay for pointy things.

MGExiaRev80.jpg MGExiaRev81.jpg

The blades are all nice ‘n sharp. Veeeery very nice looking.


The gun barrel and muzzle also receive chrome plating. The effect with the barrel is quite nice.



So yeah, I built a lightbox for picturey goodness. The MG Exia is the first Exia model to feature GN Blade mounts without part swapping. The pull out of the joints and then you pivot that ball joint out. Very slick, except that the mounts get in the way of leg articulation when they’re pulled out.

MGExiaRev84.jpg MGExiaRev85.jpg

The MG Exia is also the first Exia model to feature a pivoting gun on the GN Blade, meaning that it can equip other weapons while having the GN Blade on its arm.

MGExiaRev86.jpg MGExiaRev87.jpg MGExiaRev88.jpg

Oh, the utility of the GN Blade…

MGExiaRev89.jpg MGExiaRev90.jpg

The GN Shield has a little unfolding gimmick that is rather simple but is certainly a nice touch.

MGExiaRev91.jpg MGExiaRev92.jpg

Aaaaand just a pair of shots to show the glory of my lightbox. And by glory I mean “wow, those pictures don’t completely suck balls anymore.”

I’ll be writing up my final thoughts on the Exia pretty soon, and then snapping together Exia Repair.


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