MG Exia Review – Part 8: Overall Impressions


So my overall opinion of this kit?


MGExiaRev094.jpg MGExiaRev095.jpg

Out of the box, this the best kit I have ever built. I don’t get the chance to build plenty of MG kits, but the last one I had the pleasure of building was the Sinanju, and that was one hell of a kit as well. The proportions are amazing, and just EVERYTHING reeks of sharpness and detail.

MGExiaRev096.jpg MGExiaRev097.jpg

As for the inevitable comparison to the non-grade 1/100 kit… Yes, it’s close, but only because the 1/100 kit is a great kit in itself. Without owning the 1/100 myself, my opinion is that the MG is altogether sharper and far better at small details, such as the mounting racks for the GN Blades. The MG has WAAAAAAAAAY more surface detail as well, but a skilled modeler could fix that themselves.

MGExiaRev098.jpg MGExiaRev099.jpg

(Different focus in the two pics, in case you were wondering…)

Then of course there’s the gimmick of the glowing chest and the laser-etched lettering on the GN Condensers, and my god, that is the most fucking cool thing I’ve seen on a model in awhile. I can’t wait until the batteries for my LEDs arrive so I can fire this guy up. In addition, the material used for all of the GN strips is fantastic.

MGExiaRev100.jpg MGExiaRev101.jpg

Bandai knew it had to try to outdo an already great 1/100 kit with the MG, and so I believe they really threw everything they had at it, and in my opinion they certainly succeeded. I highly recommend this kit if you love yourself some Gundam Seven Swords…

My only gripes with this kit I have noticed thus far are:
1. The aforementioned arm joint problem.
2. The beam saber mounts on the shoulders have already become somewhat loose (easily fixed).
3. The neck joint is surprisingly only a single ball joint. Why this is mystifies me, so it is a bit of a let down.


One last final note/bonus points. The MG Exia contains 3 decal sheets:
1. Stickers: Contains stickers to put on the inside of the GN Condensers and the eyes.
2. Dry Transfers: Various small warning markings.
3. Waterslides (BONUS POINTS!): The blue and white lines that you can put on the surface of Exia.
3. Clear Stickers: The blue and white lines that you can put on the surface of Exia.

So that concludes my review of the standard Exia. I’ll be putting together Exia Repair now. In the meantime, feel free to leave me comments with any other questions you might have.


10 Responses to “MG Exia Review – Part 8: Overall Impressions”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Wow nice review mate, very detailed. Shooting the photos in the light box really makes a difference, brings out the details ^^. Bandai really outdid themselves on this kit.

  2. Erm, The 3rd decal sheet is not water slide decals … they are just clear sticker which is inferior compared to water slide

  3. Amazing. I bought this kit about a week ago when I was in Japan. Still didn’t build it yet though. Btw this is going to be my first MG kit. Do you think I should paint it? If so what kind of paint should I use?

    • Painting is completely up to you. Have you painted Gunpla before?

      If you don’t paint it, I would recommend panel lining it and then giving it a flat coat (and the clear parts a gloss coat).

  4. Very nice job. A couple questions:

    1. Have you already panel lined your kit here? Coated?

    2. I haven’t found a review on the web yet where someone has taken the step of applying the stickers. Are you planning to, or do you feel that it would take away from the kit? Thanks.

    • 1: The kit is 100% bare at the moment. It’s snapped and that’s it.

      2: I’m afraid I won’t be at the moment. If you haven’t seen it, Dalong has applied some stickers:

      I’m not doing anything with my Exia at the moment since I’m at college, where my supplies and resources are extremely limited compared to at home, plus I’m not sure WHAT I want to do with it. Make Exia? Make Exia repair? Deck it out in a LEDs for every GN Condenser? It’s all rather up in the air at the moment, and I’m too busy to really decide, haha. Best of luck though!

      • RaginTiger Says:

        I come visit your blog after many months to see this… awesomeness. :D

        I’ll give you an quick update here as well I guess since I don’t seem to agree with the new HF thread layout.

        Makes it almost a shame that I will have to make it wait till after I build the Arche Gundam that my friend got me but this definitely gives me some motivation to get some model parts done. Still stuck on the Throne Eins’ legs I’m afraid. Although I’ve recently finished the lower leg detail I’ve ben aiming for so it shouldn’t take too long to finish and then get into the Arche.
        With the Arche, I don’t agree with it’s color OOB (do you?) so I had bought myself some mica red spraypaint. Now my question to you would be do I spray paint all the parts while on the runner or individually? Other than that, Arche is pretty much a done deal in terms of planning.
        I really wanted to build the PG 00 that’s coming up but this review over here has made me decide to do the MG Exia instead. Judging by your review, I’ll likely only need to do panel lining to get it to be as detailed as I would like it to be.
        However, since this kit is so damn cool, I’ll likely be getting another one (probably standard) which I will likely paint in trans-am colors (I need to get the pink spray paint and a white LED for the chest don’t I?) and stick LEDs in all the GN Condensers (should be easier than doing it on the 1/144). If all goes well with the GN Condensers, I’ll likely do it for the Ignition Mode one I have already as well.
        I’ll leave it at that… so much for a quick update. -_-; bad habbits die hard eh? But since your last post was in October, have you decided what you’ll be doing?

      • Hey RT, sorry for the delay in replying.

        The Arche is really icky out of the box… Both colorwise and stability wise. It’s just a fairly bad model, but I think that the design of it is just so intricate and outlandish that it’s really hard to make a good model of it at 1/144 scale that isn’t resin… As for painting it, you should DEFINITELY paint them individually, or even better, paint them when it’s assembled. If you paint the pieces when they’re on the runner, you’ll have some fairly ugly nub marks where you clipped the pieces off the runner. Best of luck on your MG Exia, and let me know how it turns out!

        Yeah, I’ve had a lack of activity since I’m been at college, aka no access to my workbench, tools, etc. I’ll be heading home in about two weeks for a month, so I’ll hopefully be able to make at least some progress on some models. The things I’m really hoping to finish up are:
        – 1/100 Engage SR1 (Five Star Stories resin kit)
        – Sinanju
        – Unicorn
        – Exia detailing ‘n such

        There are plenty of other things I want to do, but I know myself well enough that I know anything beyond those four is pushing it with my work ethic, haha.

    • maybe i’m a year late to answer ur 2nd question, but oh well..sharing is caring. allright, the new MG 1/100 EXIA (Clear parts campaign ver), very well a limited edition one provided marking seal and decal instruction. I said this because i own one and so i suggest try and find it on the web (i’m not sure if there any).

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