MG Exia Review – Part 9: Exia Repair




The process of converting an already built MG Exia to Exia Repair is unfortunately far from painless… You have to pretty much completely disassemble and reassemble the head as well as partially disassemble the arm (to remove the GN strip). There are certainly other steps, but those are the most agitating.

It really irks me that they couldn’t include enough parts to just make a simple head swap, since you’re replacing the majority of parts in the head… I can understand not including, for instance, an entire other GN Sword, since you only swap two parts, but the head is a different story.


As you know (spoiler warning if you don’t…), Exia Repair is shown in the first episode of season two of Gundam 00 as a sort of patched together version of Exia in an effort by Setsuna to get the Gundam working after the damage Graham caused to it with the GN Flag. Fun fact: the eye on the right of Exia’s face is from a Tieren (to fix the fact that Graham stabbed him right through his fucking head).


The ball joints in the cape allow for some pretty decent flexability with the cape, although I can’t help but be bothered by the fact that it’s supposed to be tan, not black.


…and that about does it. This review is completed, although I will have one last update in a few days when I receive my batteries.

I did want to note at some point that I did this entire build completely out of the box (minus paint dabs on the chrome parts), so I have NOT used any stickers or decals yet.

Feel free to throw any questions my way and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope this helped out a few people in making a buying decision!


7 Responses to “MG Exia Review – Part 9: Exia Repair”

  1. actually the red terminator eye is not from tieren,if you look closely in the fight in episode 25 of season 1 you can see that after graham stabbed the head of exia you will see a red thing there, ;)

    • @frell:
      It’s been officially stated that the red eye is from the Tieren. If it was there to begin with, how exactly would it survive the stabbing through with a beam saber?

  2. I’ve been seeing conflicting pictures, so I have to ask; what is with the Repair’s legs’ GN Condensers? In Dalong’s pics, it seems like the clear green piece can be taken out to show the gray sticker underneath. Thing is, it seems like there’s another sticker in the usual dark green color that can go there instead of the gray one. In other reviews, either I can’t tell from the pics, or it seems to change. I’m a stickler for details like that, so if you can see the gray sticker easily, I might have to buy the regular Exia and give it the chrome parts and lighting.

    • @Val Varo

      With Ignition Mode, you get extra stickers for the GN Condensers for Exia Repair. I haven’t applied any stickers, but for swapability, I would recommend sticking the Repair stickers in the GN Condensers, and cutting the normal stickers out (so they’re not sticky), and you could put them on top of the Repair stickers under the clear plastic parts.

  3. eyeshield30 Says:

    so, that is not head swapping?
    but you swap most parts of the head?
    sooo PITA xp

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