MG Exia Review – Part 10: Oh Thank the Lord, My Batteries Have Arrived

I got these yesterday, which is actually waaaay sooner than I expected. Kudos to Amazon.

MGExiaRev108.jpg MGExiaRev109.jpg MGExiaRev110.jpg MGExiaRev111.jpg



The GN Drive’s glow is pretty nice too, probably aided quite a bit by the chromed flywheel.

MGExiaRev114.jpg MGExiaRev115.jpg MGExiaRev113.jpg

Some dark shots. Basically I think the LEDs are a nice gimmick by normal standards, but the laser-etched text on Exia’s chest turn them into an awesome gimmick. It’s just really damn cool, but it is still a gimmick nonetheless.

And thus concludes my MG Exia review. For reals this time.


2 Responses to “MG Exia Review – Part 10: Oh Thank the Lord, My Batteries Have Arrived”

  1. Great build! I must say, this MG Exia’s gotta have at least 500% more Badditude than any of the others I’ve seen. haha I cant wait to start mine

  2. I am interested in getting the batteries for my Exia Ignition too but I am not sure about one thing. How long could the batteries last in the drive. If you tell me it can recharge like in the series, it would be freaking awesome but still its wishful thinking.

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