Digimon Reboot Omegamon Review


So let me talk about this for just a bit first.  Digimon is an insta-nostalgia thing for me.  I loved it years and years ago and have always appreciated some of the designs still simply because they’re fucking awesome.  A group of Digimon called the Royal Knights all had designs that would make excellent mecha, especially the X variations of some of them, shown below.


Omegamon, known as Omnimon in the US version, was the combination of the two main characters’ Digimon at their highest evolved forms.  To this date. I don’t think I have ever cheered in a movie theater like I did at the age of 11 when Omegamonm showed up in the Digimon movie.  For those who watched the bastardized (obviously I thought the 90s music at the time was good because I was young and stupid) American version of the movie but haven’t seen the subbed version of Our War Game, I would really recommend it.  An angelic chorus at the revealing of the sweetest Digimon ever works a lot better than LETS KICK IT UUUUUUP or whatever the music was.  I take the music in my children’s shows VERY SERIOUSLY.

Omegamon’s First Appearance

So when I heard Bandai was starting a model kit line for Digimon and the first one was Omegamon, I was pumped.  I would get to build a sweetass Omegamon.  This Omegamon:

omegamon lineart



They redesigned Omegamon to be altogether more mecha-like.  When I saw the design I was left with a feeling of “not sure if want.”  I obviously ended up wanting it, with the feeling that it would be an excellent base for modification if nothing else.  So let us begin…


Some very nice looking box art that gives you a good look at the reviewed design.  Let me apologize in advance for the pictures in this review since I am at college and don’t have access to my lightbox and a number of other things, but I tried to get at least some good photos.


Since this was the first model in a new line I didn’t really know what to expect, but I would say this solidly falls into the HG realm of quality.  Definitely nowhere near an MG in detail, poseability, and part separation.


In terms of missing part separation, the decal sheet should give you a good idea of what’s missing.  Most glaringly is the purple stripes on the chest.  The rest of the stickers cover the yellow points on the waist, some parts of the shield, the entire sword, and the “eyes” of both head-arms.

So in terms of an HG quality kit, some of these are reasonable, some aren’t.  However I’d like to take this moment to remind you that the kit costs roughly $45.  It’s roughly the size of a 1/100 Gundam, so it’s in an MG price range with an MG size.  Perhaps the lack of MG quality is the price of having a lower production volume?


So let’s talk articulation.  The arms both can do a 90 degree bend.  While more would be nicer, to be honest they don’t really need it since it would bump into the massive shoulder pieces very quickly.


The legs can do a 180 degree bend and have a nice MG-like shifting of the armor mechanism.

 omegamon-5 omegamon-6

Now here’s one of my biggest problems… The cape.  They turned it into this techno…wing…thing.  That said, I do acknowledge that having a solid piece for a cloth cape would have restricted movement and having a cloth piece would have looked tacky, so there was really no “good” solution, so if nothing else this looks alright.  Later down the line I’ll probably sculpt a cloth cape for mine.

omegamon-7 omegamon-8

POW.  Stickers help quite a bit.  I’ll paint and panel my baby eventually but I these will do in the meantime.  Chest looks drastically better with the stripes back on there.  I would also like to take this moment to point out something that I found odd…  The transparent red piece on the shield.  It DOES create a certain effect, but I don’t understand why the effect was needed here.  It just seemed like a bizarre choice when time would be better spent somewhere else like the sword.  The sword is molded in all white despite the “correct” coloring having no white in it at all.  Why not just mold it in a gray at least?


The weapons all have a little plug to stick into the mouths of the head-arms.  The Metalgarurumon (purple) side comes with a smaller piece to keep in when the larger one isn’t in use (even though its out of sight when the mouth is closed).  The Wargreymon (orange) side only comes with the one sword piece.

omegamon-9 omegamon-10omegamon-11 omegamon-12 omegamon-13

By readjusting all of the light in my room I was able to get at least a few halfway decent shots.  Omegamon comes with a piece to specifically attach it to Bandai’s Action Bases.

So my final conclusions about this…  Without taking price into consideration it’s a nice little kit.  When taking price into consideration, and especially the fact that it’s from Bandai, it is really really sad that the level of quality wasn’t higher.  But sadly, this is the best most of us will get without splurging into several-hundred-dollar resin kits.

The design changes were nice for the most part.  I feel like the lack of a cape is ultimately unavoidable, but some of them bother me more than others.  The single thing I dislike the most is how INCREDIBLY blocky the Metalgarurumon head is.

So at the end of the day, I’m disappointed because I really wanted to love this kit.  I liked it and really enjoyed building it, and will definitely like working on it too, but it just falls short of the MGified Omegamon of my dreams.  My work will mostly consist of undoing some poor design choices that I’ve mentioned, and I will of course post any progress I might have.

The next item in the Digimon Reboot line is Dukemon, which I’m really unsure whether or not I’ll get, but we’ll see…

angemon devimon

After that they have teased images of a redesigned Angemon and Devimon which just make me ask… why?  There are SO many good mecha-based Digimon, why go to humanoid designs so quickly?  I don’t think they have confirmed their production yet so here’s hoping they don’t stick with them.  In the meantime, I’ll tweak my Omegamon and hope for a nice kit of Omegamon X:


My apologies to the authors/photographers/artists of the images I used that weren’t mine, I had all of them stashed in folders on my computer and couldn’t find the sources.


15 Responses to “Digimon Reboot Omegamon Review”

  1. Eh, I’ll take the fun and funny “bastardized” version over the overly serious original any day of the week. That angelic choir sucked all the energy and gusto from the scene.

    But anyway. Nice review. It’s good to see some pics and discussions about all the things kit-ers like us enjoy. I suppose I’m gonna have to skip out on this one. The quality doesn’t properly reflect the $45 price tag.

    • Eh… It does have more energy, I’ll give you that one haha. I’m not a huge purist/elitist against dubs, for some reason I’ve just always preferred the Japanese version. Could’ve done with some more energy though… I’m suddenly wondering how well it could be choreographed with the UNICORN from Gundam Unicorn.

      Anyhow I definitely agree that it isn’t worth it. It’s a good kit. The problem is that it has the pricetag of a great kit and it comes from a company that we know can make great kits.

  2. Marx-Taich0u Says:

    ..now if only they ramped up the angelic choir into a BlazBlue-ish theme after that slash. :\

    Anyway, for a kit I was really hyped over given the price..I’m kinda disappointed. I share your pain from the techno..wing..thing.. Planning to actually sew him one to do justice. I dunno about the articulation or detail tho. I understand that it’s Bandai and that it’s a new line and all, but they could have seriously done WAY better given the price tag. :\

    Now I’m starting to hate whatever else comes out from this line. I’m still getting it tho, in hopes that we might do it justice. One thing tho: since it’s in MG size, can the parts fit an MG frame in it?

    • They could probably fit an MG frame in it with a decent amount of modding… But odds are that energy would be better spent on other details haha.

  3. i love digimon and i will probably buy all kits available regardless of price and the music was great but it should have gotten more dramatic after the change when omnimon/omegamon started destroying deaborlomon

  4. Hehe. The reason why they changed the cape because capes are so old school….

  5. I actually really love this kit. So what if there’s not that much detail…I mean come on we barely even get decent digimon toys these days…So okay there’s the “D-Arts” line but I already see the quality and I think it’s “meh”…I love ALL(that’s right even the edgy looking cape) the upgrades on this Omegamon. It looked more modern and awesome :D. That being said I think this guy is worth the price(atleast to me) and I think he’s the BEST MG I ever got :D. and I already got some decent ones like 00 Raiser, Astray blue frame Upgraded and Nadleeh/Virtue and yet I still thinks this guy is the best MG ^_^V. I strongly recommend him if you’re a true digimon fan ^^.

    PS : You can switch the Garuru arms and the Grey Arms so that he can have a right hand sword and a left hand cannon instead :D.

    • “Best MG”


      :P But I kid. I agree it’s a decent kit, I just was hoping for so much more, especially for the price.

  6. techforwards,techno review…

    […]Digimon Reboot Omegamon Review « Unfit to be a Gunpla Meister![…]…

  7. dude this shit is EPIC wish i had the money for it though! LOL :P

  8. why on earth would they lie! the box art is awesome but the real thing kinnda sucks not that its ok or any thing but realy come on i really expected more im so pist

  9. its just really dumb how they did that to us though kinda anoying wass expecting this thing for B-Day or chrismas but now im not sure at all if i want it. really lame how they did that….

  10. Charnobyl Says:

    Dude, Y U NO do lining on that kit! I’m sure you do aware of plenty lines that is open for additional details. The back cape looks awesome with the lining on!!!

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