MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Intro & Part 1: Torso

00 Qan[T], 00 Quanta, GNT-0000…  This Gundam goes by many names, mainly since the correct spelling, 00 Qan[T], is a pain to type out all of the time, but we’ll see how I do.  Fun fact: in several places the box says “GNT-0000 00 QAN[T]” and I have no idea how that didn’t bother the graphic designer.

ANYHOW.  Welcome to another one of my obnoxiously long reviews.  As I mentioned in my Omegamon review, I’m not at home with access to my lovely lightbox so I’m just making due with what I have, so I apologize in advance for the photos not being as nice as they might normally be.


The 00 Qan[T] is Setsuna’s new Gundam in the Gundam 00 movie A Wakening of the Trailblazer (A Mazing Use of Spaces).  As such, there will be some relatively minor movie spoilers in here limited to technical functions of the Quanta and its GN Drives.

As for the Quanta itself, I thought the design looked very nice in the trailers and eventual lineart.  It was a bit of a mix between the more stripped down look of Exia with only a small dash of the oversized armor of the 00 Raiser.


So let’s slap her together, shall we?

The Quanta has 16 runners in total, which is actually quite a bit when you consider that it’s a fairly “lightweight” unit in the sense that it doesn’t have a large backpack, is fairly minimal in terms of armor, etc.  This does include an Action Base 2, which is packed in and designed to help the Quanta hold its sword in alternate modes.

I was thinking of just building the frame and slapping things onto it, but I decided to follow the directions like a normal person and do it body part by body part like my previous MG Exia review (Oh how the time flies!).

First thing is first, we assemble the GN Drive.

00Quanta-1 00Quanta-2

Half of it is similar to Exia’s GN Drive, the other one is not so much since it has to connect to the second GN Drive (located in the shoulder) to activate the Quantum System.  The MG 00 Quanta did NOT come with LED units, although it is compatible with the LED units from the MG Exia and other 1/100 00 kits.  The MG Quanta comes with a slip to mail order the LEDs.  I unfortunately don’t have my MG Exia with me so I can’t slip them in to see what it’d look like so we’ll have to use our imagination.

00Quanta-3 00Quanta-400Quanta-5 00Quanta-6

The torso all snapped together!  Like the Exia, nearly all of the transparent green parts feature etched markings which are a really nice touch.  The torso just feels very slim and solid.

00Quanta-7 00Quanta-800Quanta-9 00Quanta-10

As far as articulation goes, there is a fair bit of play in both shoulders as far as back and forth goes as well as the side armor, which is attached very similarly to the MG Exia.  The upper torso also rotates around the main circular part, and can rock back and forth along the bottom.

00Quanta-11 00Quanta-1200Quanta-13 00Quanta-14

The cockpit on this MG is the coolest one I’ve encountered in my opinion.  The top blue piece opens along a double joint, the bottom red piece swings down, and then there is a gray piece that opens as well before you can peek in and see Setsuna F Seiei.

00Quanta-15 00Quanta-1600Quanta-17 00Quanta-1800Quanta-19

There is one detail that I wondered about while building the torso was this small gray piece that was hinged on the back of the torso.  I now realize it is to let in and then lock in the GN Drive.  Love tiny details like that.

Back to snapping I go!


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