MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Part 3: Arms


POW.  Long overdo, but I’m taking a break from studying for finals to finish up this review.


The arms are fairly simple in construction, and are heavily derived from the design of 00 Gundam’s arms, making an MG 00 Raiser even more inevitable than it already was.

00Quanta-27 00Quanta-28

The shoulder armor has a bit of articulation to it, but it really doesn’t interfere with the motion of the arm.  Although the should armor is asymmetrical, the large white piece on the right shoulder can swing out of the way fairly easily so as not to inhibit articulation anymore as compared to the left arm.

00Quanta-29 00Quanta-30
00Quanta-31 00Quanta-32

The fairly simple nature of the arms design allows for a large range of motion.  In addition to the most obvious circle joint, there is another joint located roughly halfway into the forearm.

00Quanta-33 00Quanta-34

The wrist also has a circular joint as well as several joints in the hand itself.


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