MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Part 4: Legs


And thus, she stands.

00Quanta-36 00Quanta-37
00Quanta-38 00Quanta-39

Like the arms, the legs are mostly based off of the design of 00 Gundam with some Exia aesthetics thrown in.  Unlike many Gundams, the Quanta doesn’t have any real front or rear skirt armor, however the large white piece on the front is connected by a ball joint in the middle, allowing it to pivot freely, and the white piece on the back can pivot in and out (in shown in the top left picture, out shown in the bottom left).  Like many recent MGs, the leg connection point in the crotch can swivel up and down.

00Quanta-40 00Quanta-41

The blue armor piece on the back barely gets in the way of the leg articulation, allowing it to still do a nice 180 degree bend.  There’s something about the knee design that I really like how the parts separate and bend.  It reminds me a lot of the PG Strike Gundam.

00Quanta-43 00Quanta-44

The foot design is pretty much identical to 00 Gundam’s, and allows for pretty much limitless side to side movement.  The Quanta can just BARELY not do the splits simply because if you spread the legs any further than the top pic, the side skirts would pop off.


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