MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Part 5: Backpack and Weapons

Quanta’s backpack is a nice little chunk of well-designed gimmickry.

00Quanta-45 00Quanta-46

Showing the basic joints along the connecting arm and then within the backpack itself.

00Quanta-47 00Quanta-48

The various sword bits can “spread out,” looking very cool.  When they’re all enclosed together it just looks like a really solid shield, when they spread out it looks cool and… I don’t want to say “wing-like,” but they can’t help but remind me of feathers.

00Quanta-49 00Quanta-50

A problem a ton of Japanese bloggers seem to be having is the joint connecting the smaller bits to the shield (shown at the left) has a tendency to snap off when putting on and taking off the bit.  To ease the strain on the plastic, I drilled a bit of a hole in it (shown right) to give it a bit more flex.  I’m going to try to make a replacement piece by laser etching one out of metal to completely fix the problem.


When the larger bits (which is actually two bits combined) aren’t docked on the shield, the white side pieces swivel up and cover where they attach.  This is just a look at having only the smaller bits attached.

00Quanta-52 00Quanta-53

On the left, the various bits are shown in “sword mode.”  The bits are called, from top to bottom, GN Sword Bit C, GN Sword Bit A, and GN Sword Bit B (sorry, didn’t occur to me at the time to arrange them in alphabetical order).  All of the sword bits have handles to allow them to be used as swords.  The combination of bits A and B also can work as one large sword.  They are all shown on the right alongside the Quanta’s GN Sword V.

00Quanta-54 00Quanta-55

One of the additional gimmicks is that all of the bits can combine with the GN Sword V to create the GN Buster Sword (left) and GN Buster Rifle (right).  The entire sword should be rotated 90 degrees for the GN Buster Rifle, unfortunately there was just no decent way for me to do this and get a good picture of it.  Woops.  I’ll try to get a nice action shot for it when I get around to do the final photoshoot of the Quanta for my conclusions.


One Response to “MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Part 5: Backpack and Weapons”

  1. Hey man, I stumbled across your blog a couple months ago when searching for Exia and 00 Builds and favorited your site afterwards. Looking sharp! Keep up the good work, are you getting back into modeling again?

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