MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Part 6: Final Thoughts

So my gameplan was to wait until I got home and could take nice pictures of the Quanta in my lightbox…  So I did.  Except I forgot my camera.  So I had to use someone else’s.  And basically everything failed miserably so all of these pictures suck.  But whatever, let’s do this.

So my final thoughts on the MG Quanta…  There’s a lot they do right, and there’s a few things that they don’t.

WARNING: Light Spoilers for A wakening of the Trailblazer Follow

Let’s start with the Quantum System…

QuantaSystem1 QuantaSystem2QuantaSystem3 QuantaSystem4QuantaSystem5 QuantaSystem6QuantaSystem7

Quanta actually had a very short appearance in the movie, which culminated in him activating the Quantum System, which causes 00 Quanta to purge a good chunk of its armor, the GN Drive in its shield connects to its back, and all of its GN Condensers pop out of its body (including the large one in the chest, which then has fins expand out of it).

00Quanta-56 00Quanta-57

Now here is my gripe.  The MG Quanta was VERY CLEARLY designed to do just this.  All of the armor that is purged is clearly made to be easily removable compared to the rest of the armor as it can all just slide off.  All of the GN Condensers can expand out of the body, with the exception of the chest.  The chest condenser is easily removable and is attached to one of the cockpit pieces which is purged, so it was clearly designed to just be replaced with an expanded part, but this part just isn’t included.


The amount of effort that was put into the kit to accommodate this mode is really clear, especially in the upper arm’s armor piece.  The armor is symmetrical, yet there is a tiny tab that is removable on one side because otherwise the tab of armor would get in the way of the GN Condenser expanding.

I find it really weird that there wasn’t a special edition of this kit released that could recreate the Quantum System.  From a marketing standpoint I’m sure they would do that even though all they would need is a few extra parts to include to make the kit fully compatible.  It seems almost inevitable that they will release a special edition of this kit, although now that the DVD and Bluray of Trailblazer has been released, I’m surprised nothing has been announced.


Another overall gripe is that the GN Sword V is really hard to pose with.  The piece that attaches to the forearm isn’t designed to actually secure itself in the forearm.  The slot on the forearm just sort of loosely holds the GN Sword, while the hand is the only place it actually snaps into that holds it.


Another flaw is that Quanta’s shield has a beam cannon on the top of it that it uses in the movie, and while the cannon is molded into the kit, it looks more like a small vent or something, and more importantly, the shield cannot rotate from side to side in such a way that the cannon can face forward.

So my final thoughts on the kit is that overall, it’s fairly nice, it has some nice gimmicks, and I’m really happy that for once there wasn’t a 1/100 released only to have a superior MG released a few years later.  Zabanya, Harute, and especially the Braves were so awesome in the movie that I really hope that they follow the Quanta and are released as MGs soon, although I know it is fairly unlikely (although no 1/100 kits of them have been announced yet).

However there will almost certainly be a new edition of the Quanta eventually that will include parts to make the full conversion to the Quantum System, perhaps a ring to hold the bits in Quantum mode, and very likely also include the LED units (although the Quanta comes with a mail order slip to order the LEDs separately, and I have been tipped off that Bandai will make the LEDs available as a separate product eventually), so if those are things that are important to you, it may be best to wait, otherwise, for just a plain 00 Quanta, this is probably the best kit that will be released.

Also, for those that are interested (myself included), this also paves the way for an MG 00 Raiser since the Quanta shares a very similar frame with the 00 Raiser, moreso than the Exia.

Thanks for reading my stupidly long and drawn out review, take care all!


3 Responses to “MG 00 Qan[T] Review – Part 6: Final Thoughts”

  1. Does the included action base support the 00 Quanta? If it can, I don’t think I can find the connection piece that fits in properly

  2. Are you going to finish the GN Flag conversion?

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