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1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – More Hip Work + GN Sword III

Posted in Completed Models, HG Susanowo on July 13, 2009 by Knolly

First up, more work on the Susanowo:

Susanowo07.jpg Susanowo08.jpg

Leaning back a bit there Graham…

Anyhow, the adjustments were limited to seperating the hip joints a bit from the crotch. Not sure if they’re seperated enough though… The struggle for less suckage continues. I’m yet to slightly de-extend the chest too.

On a different note, I repainted the GN Sword III from the Trans-Am Raiser for my current 00 Raiser:

00RaiserGNSwordIII1.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII2.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII3.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII4.jpg

In the close-up pic you can see some of the paint chipping due to me making a mistake and not sanding down the beam part enough, so it scraped off some of the grey paint on its way in. Hardly noticeable in person, but a shame nonetheless.


Completed: 1/144 HG 00 Raiser (00 Gundam + 0 Raiser)

Posted in Completed Models on April 19, 2009 by Knolly

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Just to note, I may end up retaking pictures of this when I am in a position to set up a better lightbox and whatnot for pics, but I wanted to go ahead and get these taken since that time might not occur for several months.

About this Build:
The origins of this build, and actually the builds of all of my HG Gundam 00 kits, is rather random. The fact is I’m at college for about 8 months out of the year, and thus am away from my spray booth and all of my modeling supplies. However, I really wanted a little figure of 00 Gundam and perhaps a few other mecha to serve as what I called “desk mascots.” I did some searching and basically was between the HCM-Pro and Robot Damashii figures. There were problems with both of them…

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