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MG Unicorn and Sinanju: WIP – Thoughts and Awesome Conversion Kits

Posted in Gunpla News, MG Sinanju, MG Unicorn Gundam on July 26, 2009 by Knolly

So I finally can take another wack at my MG Sinanju because my replacement parts arrived the other day. Basically… I more or less destroyed some of the black parts on the Sinanju, mainly the shield, while experimenting with how to paint the gold trim. Oops.

Meanwhile, I have my eternally-in-progress Unicorn. Neograde is preparing to release some option parts that include two sets of gatlings and parts to convert the head into Unicorn Unit 2 Banshee that looks absolutely awesome.

1248331833_1.jpg 1248331833_2.jpg 1248331833_3.jpg 1248331833_4.jpg 1248331833_5.jpg 1248331833_6.jpg

These were sculpted by 08team PIA, the same person who did Neograde’s excellent Kshatriya. Now I’m VERY tempted to spring on this when it gets released next month and then just make my current Unicorn into the Banshee, but the problem of course, is that you know as soon as I do this, Bandai will release an MG Banshee with some special goodies of some sort… The only thing that comforts me is that I can’t possibly think of what it could include that I’d want, so odds are life will go on, haha (UNLESS they modify the legs…).

Ultimately, it depends on what the price off these parts are, but I’m nearly certain that I’m sold and my Unicorn will be becoming a Banshee, and then when I get a chance I’ll get another Unicorn, mod the legs again, and paint it up nice ‘n pretty.

So I’m off to give the Sinanju a second go. Wish me luck.


Sinanju Bazookas Up in Here

Posted in Gunpla News on April 27, 2009 by Knolly



To those that ordered them, I’ll be sending these out in the next few days. Tragically it is my second to last week of college, meaning when I get a rare free moment I usually use it to sleep, but I’ll do my best to make a run to the post office in the next day or two.

Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order – Last Call

Posted in Gunpla News on January 19, 2009 by Knolly

Order placed for bazookas.  Thanks to everyone for helping everyone save a bit of money and I’ll let everyone know when I mail out your orders in April.

Last call for bazooka orders.  I’ll be placing the order later today.  As I said, I’ll see what I can do for orders made after today but can’t make any promises.

Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order Game On! + International Shipping

Posted in Borderline Unrelated, Gunpla News on January 14, 2009 by Knolly
Picture courtesy of Ngee Khiong

Alright, we have enough people to make this happen. I will be emailing everyone who posted with interest today, but if this is the first time you’re seeing this, follow the details below to order.

How to Order:
– Paypal $25 per bazooka to Be sure to include a shipping address!
– If you are NOT in the US, include $10 for shipping for the first bazooka and an extra $5 per each additional bazooka.

Details (mostly repeated from previous post):
– You will ONLY get the bazooka. No novels are included otherwise the cost would be a lot higher due to increased shipping (each novel weighs about three times a bazooka).
– The box the bazooka comes in will be wrapped in paper, sealed nicely and securely, and shipped. This is in an effort to keep costs of packaging down. From having the Unicorn gatlings myself, the boxes of these things are VERY strong. If I feel there is a danger of the bazooka being broken, I’ll ensure it gets packed in a safer material.
– For international orders: While I do not foresee this, I reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your money if shipping ends up being far greater than planned.

To GUARANTEE your bazooka kit(s) you must have your order in by JANUARY 19th.

The novel isn’t released until April 15th (announced date), but the retailer I’m getting these through is placing their order on the 20th, so due to the large quantity of novels being ordered we must have them ordered by then to guarantee yourself one. I will send out all of the bazookas as soon as I receive them.

If it is AFTER the 19th I will do my absolute best to accommodate you. Send the money via Paypal as described above and if I cannot secure you a book, I will refund your money. I will edit this post if I have confirmed there are no more novels left.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not trying to make a profit off of this, but I know I certainly want one of these guys and figured out I could help some other people in the process and hopefully get a pretty good price for everyone this way.

Please post any questions or concerns you might have in the comments on this post.

Sinanju Bazooka: Group Order Interest

Posted in Gunpla News on January 6, 2009 by Knolly

EDIT: We got enough interest for this and have proceeded with it. If you’re interested, please see this post.

Original Post:

As you may be aware, there’s going to be a limited edition Sinanju bazooka similar to the Unicorn’s gatlings.


The bazooka will be coming with Vol 8 of Gundam Unicorn, which is being released in April. Trying to a preemptive sort of state of mind, I’m putting this post out there for anyone interested in a group order. I’m in talks with a Japanese bookseller and an get a mass order going, here are the conditions:

– Each Bazooka is $25 shipped to the US. There is no discount for ordering multiple bazookas.
– You ONLY get the bazooka, no novels will be available in an effort to keep shipping down.
– The box the bazooka comes in will be wrapped in paper, sealed nicely, and shipped. This is in an effort to keep costs of packaging down. From having the Unicorn gatlings myself, the boxes of these things are REALLY strong. If I feel there is a danger of the bazooka being broken, I’ll ensure it gets packed in a safer material.
– You MUST be able to pay me prior to me placing the order. I am NOT going to put an order of a few hundred dollars worth of these in a hope that everyone will pay me (I’m especially leery since I may have just gotten stiffed on a set of my Unicorn gatlings).

Post a comment here if you are interested or any questions you might have. Righty now I’m checking whose interested and if we have enough people I might start looking for payments in a few weeks since I have to get these ordered early in order to have a large enough quantity.

This is currently a US ONLY deal. If you are interested and from another country, please post a comment and depending on the number I might try to accommodate you, but no promises.

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Opening of a Blog

Posted in Gunpla News on December 26, 2008 by Knolly
It is December 25th 2008.

Aside from this most incredible and significant blog starting, something very crucial occurred today.


MG Sinanju. Godalmightyasoifasdfnaskdjnfdaslfkansdfadfadf…
I have one of these guys on the way here right now… In the meantime I’ll be modding and painting my Unicorn. More on that later though…