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MG Unicorn and Sinanju: WIP – Thoughts and Awesome Conversion Kits

Posted in Gunpla News, MG Sinanju, MG Unicorn Gundam on July 26, 2009 by Knolly

So I finally can take another wack at my MG Sinanju because my replacement parts arrived the other day. Basically… I more or less destroyed some of the black parts on the Sinanju, mainly the shield, while experimenting with how to paint the gold trim. Oops.

Meanwhile, I have my eternally-in-progress Unicorn. Neograde is preparing to release some option parts that include two sets of gatlings and parts to convert the head into Unicorn Unit 2 Banshee that looks absolutely awesome.

1248331833_1.jpg 1248331833_2.jpg 1248331833_3.jpg 1248331833_4.jpg 1248331833_5.jpg 1248331833_6.jpg

These were sculpted by 08team PIA, the same person who did Neograde’s excellent Kshatriya. Now I’m VERY tempted to spring on this when it gets released next month and then just make my current Unicorn into the Banshee, but the problem of course, is that you know as soon as I do this, Bandai will release an MG Banshee with some special goodies of some sort… The only thing that comforts me is that I can’t possibly think of what it could include that I’d want, so odds are life will go on, haha (UNLESS they modify the legs…).

Ultimately, it depends on what the price off these parts are, but I’m nearly certain that I’m sold and my Unicorn will be becoming a Banshee, and then when I get a chance I’ll get another Unicorn, mod the legs again, and paint it up nice ‘n pretty.

So I’m off to give the Sinanju a second go. Wish me luck.


1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – More Hip Work + GN Sword III

Posted in Completed Models, HG Susanowo on July 13, 2009 by Knolly

First up, more work on the Susanowo:

Susanowo07.jpg Susanowo08.jpg

Leaning back a bit there Graham…

Anyhow, the adjustments were limited to seperating the hip joints a bit from the crotch. Not sure if they’re seperated enough though… The struggle for less suckage continues. I’m yet to slightly de-extend the chest too.

On a different note, I repainted the GN Sword III from the Trans-Am Raiser for my current 00 Raiser:

00RaiserGNSwordIII1.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII2.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII3.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII4.jpg

In the close-up pic you can see some of the paint chipping due to me making a mistake and not sanding down the beam part enough, so it scraped off some of the grey paint on its way in. Hardly noticeable in person, but a shame nonetheless.

1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – Proportion Check

Posted in HG Susanowo on July 11, 2009 by Knolly

Slapping it together to see what I’ve got…

Susanowo05.jpg Susanowo06.jpg

I don’t know how happy I am with the torso… I think I might have extended it a tad too much. Same goes with the hip armor. There’s something still bothering me about them that I’ll try to address…

1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – Dat Waist

Posted in HG Susanowo on July 10, 2009 by Knolly


So I have at last settled on the revised waist design, and there it is. Compare with some screenshots of the machine:

SusanowoScreen01.png SusanowoScreen02.png SusanowoScreen03.png

I have to hold it together because at the moment it’s a bunch of rods through drilled out holes. The waist armor has moved down and inwards since its last appearance, and as a result, I had to cut off the pegs that mounted the legs and drill new holes for them.

I’ve also been working on a torso mod a bit… More on that in the next day or so when some stuff dries and I can reassemble this bad boy.

1/144 HG Susanowo: Work in Progress – Starting Out

Posted in HG Susanowo on July 1, 2009 by Knolly

The other day I received my HG Susanowo, as well as a few other models, but the Susanowo is the only one that I think I’ll end up doing modding of any real degree to. The main purpose is to fix the fact that the HG looks fugly as hell.

The proportions are just mixed up… Below is a comparison shot I whipped up a while back to show how the HG loses the sleekness of the design that the show had.


I’ve basically decided the two main areas that need adjustment are the hips, as the thruster things are just mounted far too wide, and the torso. The torso is just seems to short and fat, so I’m not positive how I’ll go about modding it, but we’ll see.

Susanowo1.jpg Susanowo2.jpg

Just some quick shots of the kit… My apologies for the cluttered background, but I just wanted to communicate the problem of the hip mounts quickly.


This is what it looks like after I’ve begun work. The left hip (viewer’s right) is approximately how the finish product will look like in terms of how it’s mounted. I’ll try to get a far better pic once all of the glue and whatnot has dried…


Posted in Works-in-Progress on June 24, 2009 by Knolly

So there’s been an obvious lack of progress on pretty much everything…

I’ve been studying in London for the last six weeks and head back on Friday.  I can’t say I’m all that excited to head back, since I love it here, but all good things must come to an end, right?

So I wrote up in a rather unnecessarily large amount of detail what I have to do when I get back, so I figured I’d convert it into a post.

So, when I get home I’ll be keeping myself busy as I have the HG Trans-Am Raiser, 0 Gundam, Exia R2, and Susanowo to keep me company. The Arche was supposed to be included but they accidentally sent the GN Archer apparently (><), but they’ll hopefully include it with my MG Exia next month (just realized about the problem so I’m yet to hear back from R10).

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To-Do and Wishlist

Posted in Works-in-Progress on May 16, 2009 by Knolly

So tomorrow I leave for a six-week study abroad trip in London. Should be a fun time, but for discipline’s sake, here is a list of things to do when I get back:

MG Unicorn Gundam:
– Finish mods on leg joints.
– Paint.

MG Sinanju:
– Paint.

1/144 HG Seravee, Seraphim, Arios, and GN Archer:
– Minor detailing work.
– Flat coat.

Zoids HMM Blade Liger AB:
– Minor Detailing/Mods.
– Paint. Unsure whether I’m going to make this guy blue or red… We’ll see.

In the wake of the Shizuoka Hobby Show, I just wanted to make a quick wishlist to myself… The price in yen from RainbowTen is listed alongside it for reference:

Already Released:
– HG Arche Gundam – 960
– HG Gadessa – 1200
– HG Garazzo – 1200
– HG Trans-Am Raiser – 1600

June Release:
– HG 0 Gundam ACM – 960
– HG Exia R2 – 960
– HG Susanowo – 1200

July Release:
– MG Exia Ignition Mode – 4000

August Release:
– HG Gadess – 1200
– HG Reborns Gundam – Unknown Price

And looking at all of that, it seems like a lot more than I thought when I had the list in my head, haha. The Trans-Am Raiser is questionable… Part of me wants it just to see what the Trans-Am finish is like, but also for the GN Sword III since I didn’t get around to having it 3D printed. We shall see… The whole Gadessa, Garazzo, and Gadess series I might also pass on. On a somewhat similar note… The HG Susanowo is kind of looking fugly but the Robot Damashii looks amazing. What happened there?

Some quick thoughts on certain things announced at Shizuoka (Head over to Ngee Khiong for coverage):

MG Gundam Exia:
Thank you lord. It looks good from the pics I’ve seen, and if it seems that Ignition Mode comes with parts to turn it into Exia Repair, so there is in fact a god after all.

HG Gundams with Weapons Sets:
RAAAAAAAAAAAGE. I’m not surprised in the slightest, but part of me just hoped Bandai would release an HG weapons set. On a similar note, anyone wanna buy the Gundams on the cheap if I keep the weapons? Kyahahaha…

HG Unicorn and Kshatriya:
These are said to be display only, but that doesn’t stop them from being pretty to look at.

XN Raiser:
I have no idea what the plot significance of this is but it looks awesome.

Things That Tragically Were Not Announced (but are still somewhat realistic):
– HG Gundam 00 Weapons Set (see above…)
– MG Banshee
– MG Kshatriya

Things That Tragically Were Not Announced (but are not realistic in the slightest):